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In Florida grapefruit season start in November. There is a huge variety and they vary in colo....


I developed a new goal with my husband: to run a half marathon in October 2018 and a full in 2....

Holidays 2016

Well, I feel much more in control and comfortable in my own skin this holiday season than prev....

new here, saying hi

Thank you everyone for reading, I am new here and hoping to find some other girls to chat with....

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I cannot believe I have been on line with WLB for 4 years now. At that time I weighed 223 and ...

Expert of the Month

Barbara Zercher
Barbara Zercher, speaker, teacher, personal success coach and freelance writer, is also fou...

Team of the Month

A Yoga Journey
Sharing support and finding balance through yoga practice while working towards our weight loss...

Shaker Jar Diet: How to Use a Meal Replacement Plan to Lose Weight Fast

Nulla vel metus scelerisque
Biography Linda Spangle is an expert at helping any dieter become a success story! A skille...

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