Buddy Hacks

1.  Browse through the "Find a Buddy" page and be sure to send buddy requests to several buddies. The buddy list rotates, so browsing several times is a great idea.

2.  Think about what your expectations are. Having more than one buddy is a good idea. Always be open to new people. You might read a post and find that you liked the poster's sense of humor even though you may had been looking for someone in a different age group.

3.  Be honest about the level of commitment you'd like and your own expectations.  If you only log on weekly it doesn't make you a bad buddy but not a good buddy for someone looking for someone to message several times a week.

4.  Be reliable.  If you are going on vacation or having a really busy week at work, let you buddy know. They are thinking that you forgot about them or they weren't important enough for you to let them know. Your buddy may also be worrying about you. Try to be reliable.

5.  Be sure to post on your profile wall so your buddies can see what you are up to, even if it's just to say Good Morning.  Check your "News" Tab so you can see what is new with your buddies. 

6.  Start or join an existing team.

7.  Start or join an existing challenge on the message board.

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