In all probability you have tried, unsuccessfully, to lose weight and keep it off.  You’ve probably tried many diets and may even consider yourself a “yo-yo” dieter. Most diets WILL work for people in the short run, but the key to losing weight and keeping it off is CHANGING YOUR BEHAVIOR FOR GOOD. Changing in your attitude toward food, and changing in your commitment to a healthy lifestyle.


An overwhelming number of people are overweight because they use food as an emotional crutch. They feel powerless and unworthy.  Many feel they have no impact on others and overeat to fill a psychological hole in themselves. Many feel undeserving, or unbecoming. Sometimes they eat because they are bored. Do any of these sound like you?


The Weight Loss Buddy Method addresses this problem by directly looking at the things, which cause people to overeat.  Things inside, and outside their control that prevent them from creating new healthier habits.


The principles embodied in the Weight Loss Buddy Method, are well grounded in science and are based on the ground breaking book Changing for Good – Publisher by Pocheska et al.


Willpower and self-control, are both necessary components of permanent change. And both are dependent on a good, strong self-image. We’ll teach you how can you improve your self-image and build confidence so you can stop overeating, and create a healthier lifestyle.


Many people look for the easy fix, the magic pill because changing isn’t easy. Even if you really want to change there are many obstacles, both inside and outside standing in your way. The Weight Loss Buddy Method helps you to look at those obstacles and overcome them. 


Each week, for 12 weeks, you will find another chapter of the Weight Loss Buddy Method on your “Diet” page.  It is designed as a workbook that can be downloaded, with questions and suggestions.


During the week there will be engaging and informative live coaching sessions, run by trained facilitators who will review and answer any questions you might have.