How to Calculate Weight Watchers Activity Points

Here is the exact formula:

Light Activity is your current weight x # of mins x .000232

Mod Activity is your current weight x # of mins x .000327

Heavy Activity your current weight x # of mins x .0008077

                  **There is also a link for a calculator that does it for you located on my links page.**

Here is the step-by-step:

1. Calibrate your scale before you weigh yourself. Do this by placing a known weight such as a 5lb bag of flour, directly on the scale. After you make sure the scale is correct, step on the scale and weigh yourself. Write down your exact weight.

2. Exercize for a minimum of 10 minutes. During your workout take note of the intensity of your activity. To do this follow Weight Watchers intensity level specifications:

                     A. Low intensity means you aren't sweating at all during your activity.

                     B. Moderate intensity means you begin sweating after ten minutes.

                     C. High intensity means you begin sweating between 3-5 minutes after starting your activity.

3. Using the formula above or the calculator provided by the link (that you hopefully bookmarked) figure out your activity points that you can now choose to use or choose not to use. 


posted @ Saturday, November 7, 2009 9:46 PM


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Exercize for a minimum of 10 minutes. During your workout take note of the intensity of your activity. To do this follow Weight Watchers intensity level specifications:

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