To Diet or Not To Diet

To deny myself foods that are high in fat, calories and chemicals or to eat whole foods that are minimally processed.  Oh, what should I do? It seems like this is going to be a no brainer.   Before you tell me that a diet is referring to the way we eat rather than restricting yourself....I agree to disagree on this.  Anyone who has been attempting to lose weight for any given period of time knows exactly what they mean when they say they're on a diet.

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A diet means you will have a really, really thin piece of cake and you'll skip the whipped cream.  A diet means when you get to the restaurant you are going to ask them to not bring that steaming fresh hunk of bread that is just waiting to be slathered with butter.   There is also a difference in a diet where you want to lose 5 lbs or 50 lbs.  Since I'm laying it all out there there is also a difference in a diet when you're 20 and when your 50.  That's just a fact and you can deny it all you want but it's just the way it is.  Did you see the movie Freaky Friday where Jamie Curtis switches bodies with her daughter and her daughter eats french fries while in her mom's body.  Her mom exclaims I haven't had french fries in 15 yrs.  Darn right!  As we age we have less muscle and a slower metabolism.  Which means that those 5 lbs you wanted to lose when you were 20 and slipped off after a week or two of skipping out on the chips is not going to be the same 5 lbs you lose when you're 50 and haven't had a french fry in 15 yrs.  :)  Diet comes with sacrifice. 

I've come to my conclusion.... drum roll please.....

I am going to eat well.  but less.  and I'm going to journal my food.  Yes...I know I am always saying how great it is to journal.  It is great and there are studies that back it up but I've been journal resistant for awhile.  I know it's the right way to go.  Feel free to call me out.  Ask me...."Hey, many calories today?"  :)  I know what my downfall's the same day when I can't figure out how many calories were in a certain meal.  That's it...I don't know, forget it, why bother, now I won't know my daily total is... that's how it goes.  But not this time.  I'm sticking with it through thick and thin! Are you with me? Will we be dieting together? 

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I know what to eat, just like all of you do too.   Maybe we should just call it the WeightLossBuddy Diet.  It's the one where we make healthy choices and keep at so we can compare notes with our buddies when we pop on line.  Just imagine how good we can feel about ourselves.

Do any of you find that you tend to eat like it's your last meal?  I don't know when I started doing that but I did.  Not all that long ago, a friend of mine had called me up to see if I wanted to run a few errands with her and I told her, "ok, but I need to eat something first."  Then when I hung up I thought...why?  I'll be home shortly, it's not as if I'm going through the amazon rain forest and I have no idea when my next meal will be.  It's funny how our thoughts become who we are.  Dr. Wayne Dyer had written a book called Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life.  It wasn't really about food but that title had me thinking.  If we could change how we think about food it would be life changing for so many of us dieters.

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I'll leave you with those thoughts and I hope you'll comment and tell me what you think.  Do you diet? 

Your Buddy,

Good Morning and Welcome to 2018

Today is the first day of YOUR new year.  Isn't it exciting?

I invite you to own this year along with me.  Start small or start big it doesn't matter, just start.   All the reasons why it didn't work before or what stumbling blocks you encountered are in the past.  Take from it what you can and move on.  

It really isn't so hard.  Just start with one meal, one day, one work out and take it from there.  You know what to do.

Today I started with a few minutes on my yoga mat....ahhhh a good stretch felt great.  Yoga is all about creating space within.  Create some space within for all the new things to come.  Now, I'm sipping from my steaming cup of tea while visiting with you. 

Own today and your decisions.  You have great instincts and you're body is anxious to tell you what feels right.  Lots of water to help your body function at peak efficiency.  Fuel yourself with good nutrition and move in a way that feels good to you.  We're here to offer you support, reach out to me anytime!
Happy Day 1 of 2018!

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Winding up 2017

Good Morning!

I have finally been getting the scale to move in the right direction and I'm determined to not regret any food descisions.  This evening will be Chicken Marsala and salad, tomorrow will be Stuffed Shells and salad.  There will be cakes, pies and wine....and I'm determined to remind myself of moderation. 

I have no problem admitting I'm beat!  Gifts are all tucked under the tree, most of the cooking is done.  I have one pie that needs defrosting and one that I'll pop in the oven tomorrow morning.  I'm especially looking forward to this Christmas because we have a new little wonder joining us, my grandson Charlie. 

I'm going to be mindful of my choices, eat slow, I'll be sure to have glasses of water scattered through out the day.  I really am looking forward to enjoying myself.  Weeks of shopping and preparations have been made and now I want to enjoy.   
I have already decided that I won't be getting on the scale for a few stress!

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I have a box of the lipo 3 day eating plan waiting for me.  I ordered in advance and after the new year it will be my reset for 2018.  For those of you who are fans of Yoga with Adriene she is going to have another 30 day challenge starting January 2nd.  One of the things I like about Adriene is that she is not just about the exercise but also about feeding the soul.  The whole mind body connection is going on there ... I'm really looking forward to that.

Well, that's pretty much how I'll be winding up this year and getting ready for the next.   I hope you all enjoy the Holiday Season...  stay safe, make good choices and no stress.  Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah and a Joyous Kwanza.

How are you ending 2017 and bringing in 2018? 

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Give Yourself Permission

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Hello Buddies!

I'd like for you to take a few minutes to finish this statement.  I'm giving myself permission to......

take a break. - yes, take 5.  heck, take 10.  Make that cup of coffee....stop to eat a piece of fruit.  Do what you need to do and then get back to it.

be realistic. - are you expectations of yourself realistic?  Does this holiday have to be exactly like past holidays?  You may have new family members to consider or family members who are no longer here.

reach out. - ask for help.  Are you feeling stressed?  Are you juggling too many responsibilities?  Do you just want to vent?  Or maybe you can just give yourself permission to not think or talk about the holiday's for a little while.

take a short cut. - buying baked good isn't a crime and if it means you'll be less tired and more able to enjoy your day,  then I'd say it's a good choice.

breath.  - technically this could be a part of taking a break but I think it deserves it's own slot.  Just breath.  Close your eyes and catch your breath. 

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Did you come up with your own ending?

Onto the next thing that's on my mind.  :)  Don't forget to take some extra vitamin C.  Unless, there is a medical reason for you to not take it - please do.  A few months back I got awfully sick and the PA that was taking care of me suggested I start taking Emergen-C.  I did take it for awhile but it became a little hard to fit into my schedule all the time.  That was when I checked my multi and realized that even though I thought I was getting vitamin C it was at such a low dose I didn't think it would do me much good.  Since then I started taking Vitamin C twice a day and so far I've been doing pretty well.  (Of course, now that I jinxed myself all bets are off! ;)

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Have a great evening and we'll talk soon.

Your buddy, 

It's December

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The year flew by.  So many exciting things happened in 2017 for me but one of them was not great weight loss.  I will focus on the good, let go of the negative (or at least I'll try :)) and move on.  There is still a month left to 2017 and then a brand new year with brand new goals and aspirations. 

A major passion for me this year was aromatherapy.  It's been great and I plan on continuing to learn more about it and seeing how it plays into weight loss.  I've also come to the realization that it doesn't matter how many diet books I purchase the real way to lose is to stick to a plan and actually do it.

I've decided I'm going old school.  To me that means printing out a food journal and writing down what I eat.  This is the way I start to build a habit.  I'll write down the calories of the foods I know and look up the ones I don't know at my leisure.  This is going to be a no stress operation. The truth is most of our diets aren't as varied as we may like to think.  After a couple of weeks I'll know most of the calories of the foods I'm eating and the odd ones here and there will be easy to figure out.  What usually discourages me is when I can't figure out the calories of a meal I'm eating.  Then I toss my hands into the air and tell myself how this is just a bother and how I won't know what this day's totals are anyway....well no more.  I'm going to remind myself knowing what most of the days calories were is good enough.  That it is just one day out of the week. 

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I'd love to hear how you've made out this year.  I do realize that the year isn't over but it seems that as soon as the first week of December passes the rest of the month becomes a blur.  Christmas and Holiday parties will abound!  How are you going to handle it all?  Even if you're in maintenance like DonCol, our buddy of the month I know it takes effort. 

I was so pleased with my turkey for Thanksgiving that I'm considering making one again for Christmas Day.  Though...I think my husband will be disappointed if there isn't any lasagna.  I feel like Scarlet O'Hara.  I'll think about that tomorrow. 

A Realistic Thanksgiving

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Hello buddies...
The average American will consume more than 4,500 calories and 229 grams of fat on Thanksgiving Day.  Doesn't that seem crazy to you?  I don't want to rain on your parade but I do want you to take pause, be mindful of portion control and make good choices.  If you love grandma's stuffing enjoy it, if you're not really into Aunt Sue's mashed potatoes put a spoonful on the plate or skip it all together.  Knowledge is's some knowledge.

Mashed Potatoes (with Whole Milk and Butter): 237 calories per 1 cup
Green Bean Casserole: 230 calories per 1 cup
Candied Yams: 206 calories per 1 cup
Canned Cranberry Sauce: 420 calories per 1 cup
Fresh Cranberry Sauce: 408 calories per 1 cup
Stuffing: 350 calories per 1 cup
Brussels Sprouts: 38 calories per 1 cup
Corn: 132 calories per ear
Spinach: 41 calories per 1 cup
Butter: 36 calories per 1 pat butter
150 calories per biscuit

Serving Size: 3.5 ounces turkey
Breast with skin: 194 calories
Breast without skin: 161 calories
Wing with skin: 238 calories
Leg with skin: 213 calories
Dark meat with skin: 232 calories
Dark meat without skin: 192 calories
100 calories per 1 cup of gravy

Pumpkin Pie: 323 calories per 1 slice (1/8 divided pie)
Apple Pie: 411 calories per 1 slice (1/8 divided pie)
Pecan Pie: 503 calories per 1 slice (1/8 divided pie)
Vanilla Ice Cream Scoop : 125 calories per 1/2 cup
Whipped Cream: 15 calories per 2 tablespoons

There are lots of tips out there.  I have a few of my own favorites such as no seconds
  • foods shouldn't touch each other on the plate
  • keep a large glass of water next to you at all times, sip at the wine, drink the water
  • feel free to taste as many pies as you want just make each piece is a sliver instead of a full slice
Remember this is one meal and you shouldn't undo weeks of dieting and exercise with one meal. 

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Less is More

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I stood behind two women on line at the pizza station in the food court.  Both were saying how this was a cheat for them.  The first woman ordered salad, a meatball, and a slice of pizza.  She felt good about her order and moved on.  The next woman ordered a slice of pizza and a bottle of water.  As they walked away I thought...less is more.  The first woman wanted to hit all her markers...vegetables, protein, and then her slice.  The second woman...knew she was cheating by having her pizza in the first place and felt that cheat was enough. 

I've given this a lot of thought and I liked the idea of just having a slice.  I enjoy going out to eat and want to find a way to order and feel good about my choices.  The servings sizes are unnecessarily large and I'm really tired of giving the business's an out by saying well they need to justify their prices.  I need to go out to eat and not gorge myself or have to ask them to half my meal or for a to go box.  I feel like it's becoming an inconvenience to me.  Perhaps instead of me having to over pay and hide half my food other people should have to double their orders!

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We went to the Olive Garden the other day and I had ordered the soup over the salad (less calories) and I like soup just as much.  I had the chicken with asparagus and I was full.  A glass of wine finished it off for me.  So instead of concentrating on how I can eat more food for less calories I am going to concentrate on eating less.  If I'm hungry later on I can always make myself a sandwhich or eat a piece of fruit.  Less is more.

I think this concept will carry on to other area's of my life.  I'm going to keep exploring this concept...especially the next time I clean out my closet.  :)

What do you think?

The Mirror and Motivation

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I was listening to the banter between two radio show hosts in the car today.  One called himself workout guy.  He retold his morning experience and I think it's one many of us can relate to.  He goes to the gym to work out every morning.  This morning he came home after a particularly great work out all sweaty and reading to take a shower.  He had taken off his shirt and caught his reflection in the mirror and thought to himself that he was looking really good.   As he looked this way and that he was getting more and more impressed with himself.  That was the moment when he thought I'm going to take a few selfies.  He did this with the thought of sending those pictures to his wife later on in the day.  You know, he'd say something like this is what's waiting for you honey, or hey...all this is yours.  You got the idea.  (chuckling)  He takes his pictures, jumps in the shower, gets out towels off and decides to look at his pictures, after all the camera does not lie!  He heart dropped....all he could see was his gut.  He thought, where did that come from?  When did it get here?  Why didn't I notice?!!!! After he settled down he thought his pecs did look a little better and his arms were a little tighter but oh gosh that gut had to go.
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The thing was he had this picture of himself in his head and the camera showed him something else.  I think that's why so many people become devastated in the dressing room.  In their minds they have a picture of what they look like and then...reality. 

I recall reading something that Jack LaLanne said. (he was the founder of what is now known as LA Fitness.)  Jack said so many people ask him for advice on finding motivation so he finally said this is what you do...go into your bedroom, turn on the light, lock the door behind you, take off all of your clothes, stand in front of a full length mirror, turn sideways and look at your reflection.  I've told people this and watched them squirm in their chairs just thinking about it. 

People are always talking about living in the moment.  Be conscious of what you're eating.  I think we need to stop every once in awhile and take a good look in the mirror.  It's not vanity it's more of a check in.  Your skin echos your health.  You're posture and how you wear your clothes convey a message to the world.  What do you want your reflection to say about you?


Shopping In Defeat

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I had plans for a weekend get a way and I had really wanted to lose a few more pounds before I went.  I failed.  You know that feeling...whether it was for a weekend away or an upcoming event it's frustrating. 

That's when I decided to go to the store and pick myself up something new anyway!  I did end up with something but as I was in the dressing room trying on item after item I started feeling a little down.  I really didn't like how I looked in most of the clothes and the ones I did like I already had a similar piece at home.  It looked like this was going to be a bust.  I started going over the clothes I already had and what I would wear for this day and that day and so on.  A feeling of resignation came over me.

Then I started thinking maybe I'll just get myself one item I really like and that can be my goal piece.  You know the one that you look at hanging in the closet just waiting for the day it will fit.  That idea quickly passed since I really didn't feel like buying something that ends up taunting me.

I left the dressing room defeated.  That's when the idea struck me....I really wanted a new bag.  I didn't need one, I just wanted it.   I never went much for oversized bags.  I guess part of it was that I was happy not to have to carry a diaper bag around anymore! LOL (Ok that was a long time ago) I also always thought that I didn't need to carry that much stuff.  Little did I know that I can put the same amount of items that I normally carry but I can easily see them because the bag was big enough to  spot everything! 

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You guessed it, I bought a new bag...yep it's big and I'd have to say a little slenderizing. ;)  That's the bag!  I turned my defeat into a win.  I haven't given up on losing weight.  It's still my battle but for that moment I was pretty happy.  Now if the rain would just move somewhere else this weekend will be amazing.

Remember when all else fails, you can always buy a new bag.  We got this!  If we didn't lose today then it will be tomorrow.  Let's not ever give up.

Have you had a similar experience?  Feel free to share below....

Using WLBs Cell Phone App

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Have you tried our phone app yet?  Many members have asked me if we have an app to download and we do have an app but you don't have to download and it's free.  All you have to do is navigate to our website on your cell phone and choose to put the icon on your homescreen.  You will not be sorry.  It's a great way to check in through out the day.  See what your buddies are up to, see if anyone responded to your post, see if anyone liked your post! can like posts and comments! So much fun!

You'll be able to tell if you have any messages waiting for you, access your profile wall (read comments on your own posts ) or newsfeed (see what are your buddies are talking about). 

In the upper right hand corner you'll see 4 horizontal lines.  Click on that and you can navigate to see the teams available to join, photo's, see if you have any pending buddy requests, search for new buddies, edit your user information, change your passowrd,  visit our skinny news (great articles!) or log out. 

Search for Buddies
The search for buddies on your phone looks a little different than the view you'll have from your p.c.  You won't be able to see who is currently  on line but you can see how many buddies the person you're looking at has and you can send a request to be buddies from the same page.  It's really can see the last time they logged on and how long they've been a member of WeightLossBuddy.   So far I haven't found an easy way to view someone's profile.  No one wanted to make the app too complicated and I believe they've accomplished their goal of making it user friendly.

You can search for a team. 

Message box

Allows you to read any messages you received and reply to them. 

You can upload an existing photo or take a new one. :)  Tap on the choose file option and you'll be given 3 choices, Take Photo or Video, Photo Library, or iCloud Drive.  After you choose the file you want tap the green box labeled Upload!  You're picture will appear in your photo album and you can choose that as your new profile picture or just leave it there for your buddies to view.  If you decide to make it your new profile picture just click on the little figure.  To delete a picture click on the x.

Pending Requests
Here's the place to go to when you want to see if anyone has requested you to be their buddy.  If you haven't received any requests yet, don't worry.  Browse through the buddies and send out a few of your own requests!

Edit User Info
That allows you to change your first name.

Change Password

Visit Skinny News

Keeps you up to date on weight loss news. 

I found it easy and fun to use.  I hope you give it a's a great way to get support while on the go.  Imagine waiting for your hair appointment or the million other opportunities we have to time to kill.  Why not check in with your buddies?