April 2011 Blog Posts

Self Magazine Workout

Self Magazine is holding an event called Workout in the Park. The event will take place in a few major cities and will include giveaways, exercise classes, and a chance to meet new people! For those in the area the NYC event will take place in Central Park on May 7th. Sign up now online! http://www.selfworkoutinthepark.com/default.asp Those not in the area can also check out the link above to see which cities and dates the event is being held. I will be attending the NYC event, and will blog about the event after. My friends went last year and loved it! Plus,...

Buzz Word and New Contest

The Buzz Word for the contest of the week of 4/18/11 is: SPRING Join in on the fun of the contest, and win prizes!! The rules for the contest are the same: Enter into one of the two chats offered (either at 8am or 9pm) and use the buzz word. Those who have correctly used the buzz word will receive a prize. The chats last a half hour long each and will occur every day. The buzz word will change each week, so keep checking back for the new word of the week! *I would also like to mention a new contest...

Take the test How Fit Are You

 I came across this article from O, The Oprah Magazine: http://www.oprah.com/health/Fitness-Tests-Upper-Body-Strength-and-Flexibility-Aerobic-Fitness Check out the article to find out how fit you are! She lists a few simple tests to try and some advice on how to improve your fitness levels! I would love to hear results of the tests from anyone willing to share!   Enjoy :)

WLB Contest with Prizes

Weight Loss Buddy Contest: *Buzz Word: The first contest Weight Loss Buddy will be hosting is called Buzz Word Contest. Every week there will be a Buzz Word (I will post the new word in my blog and on my profile every week) you must use this buzz word during one of two chats that will be held. The 3D chats will be held at 8am and 9pm and will each be 30 minutes long each. Members who enter the chat and give the buzz word will win a Weight Loss Buddy T-shirt!!! This week's Buzz Word is: DUCK Be creative, have fun, and...

Staying Fit While Escaping

Once you have a set routine for exercising and eating healthy, your whole healthy lifestyle may take a turn for the worse while on vacation. While very relaxing and fun, vacations aren't the best answer to staying fit.  I have experienced the troubles of healthy living while on a recent weekend trip to Pennsylvania. The trip started out well with just a sandwich for lunch during the 3 hour car ride to our destination. The purpose of the trip was a wedding, the purpose of the many side trips was for our own guilty pleasure. The thing about vacations is that...


I came across this article from O, The Oprah Magazine: http://www.oprah.com/health/Superfoods-of-Peru-Kaniwa-Maca-Yacon-Susan-Casey/1 People are always coming up with new ideas and trends for living a healthier lifestyle. This article caught my attention because I had never heard of such a diet before. The article is on the longer side, but definitely interesting. Let me know what you think...are there any new or rare diets anyone else is trying?

3 Smart Reasons to Work Out in the Morning

I came across this article from Glamour on reasons to work out in the morning: http://www.glamour.com/health-fitness/blogs/vitamin-g/2011/04/3-smart-reasons-to-work-out-in.html?mbid=twitter_glamourdotcom It may be difficult to wake up earlier, but exercising in the morning seems to be beneficial. Enjoy!! :)

Video Game Workouts

With the latest gaming technology, video games are now including exercise games. I was never one to be big on working out in front of the TV, but I must admit the new gaming creations have got me hooked. I have yet to try the xbox and playstation versions, but I love the Wii. It's a great way to get exercise without dragging yourself to a gym. Even the dancing games will keep you on your feet, giving you at least a half hour of physical activity. After working at a desk all day, any physical activity is great. The...

Staying Motivated After Work

Everyone wants to live a healthier lifestyle, by staying fit after work hours. However, that is easier said than done. Working an eight hour day plus a one hour travel commute home, I know that staying motivated to excercise after work takes discipline. When waking up at 6:30am and not getting home until 6pm I know it may be easier to relax and watch TV upon entering your home, rather than going for a walk around the block. There will always be an excuse to not excercise: I just want to finish watching this show, I'll workout after dinner, the...