June 2011 Blog Posts

Metabolism Article

Check out this article about Metabolism from Self Magazine: http://www.self.com/health/blogs/healthyself/2011/06/when-does-your-metabolism-real.html Remember losing weight is a life-time commitment to staying healthy. Don't just look for the quick results, it takes time to change one's lifestyle. Try to make eating healthy and exercising a daily routine. For the best personal results I recommend consulting a doctor or fitness trainer to customize a healthy routine based on your own specific needs! Best of luck!! :)

Weight Loss Shows

Recently television has become a weight loss reality. With shows like "The Biggest Loser" it feels like television can actually motivate us to get in shape. I don't watch the show often, but when I do I feel inspired to stick to a workout schedule of my own. However, I'm skeptical of the shows results. Yes the actual contestants lose weight, but is that method of losing weight practical? Most people need to learn how to condition their lifestyle into a healthy one, not endure a few weeks of an intense boot camp. While the boot camp will produce results,...

7 Get Slim Tips from Celebs and their Trainers

Magazines, television, radio, internet, everywhere you look you see celebrities on ad's for weight loss or gym gear. We always look to these people to gain motivation, and feel the need to look like them in today's society. However, what the ad's aren't telling us is that along with the products they're endorsing they also have a personal trainer working with them 7 days a week. After all, it is part of their job to stay in shape. While I am skeptical about how celebs stay fit, looking to them for motivation may be beneficial. I think we all need...

Summer Workout

Summer is here!! Now that beach season has begun exercising outdoors is a great way to get in shape. Walking around your block a few times or through a park is always enjoyable and relaxing in the warm weather. Running and bicycling are fun activities to do with the family, bring a friend or family member to a park. Instead of spending lots of money every weekend, try going to a park or beach once a week. There are endless amounts of exercising to be done in either place: swimming, running, playing frisbee, football, walking, kickball, bicycling, kayaking, etc. Whichever...