August 2011 Blog Posts

Getting Out The Door to Exercise Is the Hardest Part

I find that, with exercise, the first step is the hardest part and well over half the battle. The first step, of course, is just walking out the front door of my apartment to go do something good for my health and my body in whatever form that may be, running, going to yoga class, or doing pilates. For the past three days, I've played the same psychologically game with myself. I make plans to go to an intensive yoga class, one that is both mentally and physically exhausting. Of course, when I actually do make it there, the mental and...

Healthy Snacking Ideas

Hope everyone had a great weekend! I found this article at with some healthy snacking ideas, suggestions, and recipes. I find it important to never underestimate the impact of snacks on our diet. We can stay on track with a healthy diet all day, having proper meals with good-sized portions, but an unhealthy snack at the end of the evening (or after the party) is often a misstep. I know that when I'm out late and hungry after I've already eaten a meal, I often find unhealthy choices (fast food or otherwise) on the way home. I'm willing to bet...

Slim Summer Smoothies

Hi everyone, Hope the whole WLB community is doing well this week and that everyone's adjusted to the new site. Thank you, again, for your continued patience. I'm sure everyone will benefit in the long-term from the recent changes and new features. Summer is a weird and tricky time for anyone trying to lose a few pounds or maintain a healthy weight. On the one hand, the warm weather/high temperatures lead to spending more time at the beach and wearing less (read: showing more) more often. I find that this gives me extra motivation to remain on a healthy diet and to...

Smaller Portions Big Forks

It's not exactly news that when it comes to portion size, Americans are (more often than not) guilty of overdoing it. I stumbled across an article on GOOD, which referenced some startling facts about the changes in portion size overtime. Over the course of the last decade or so, popcorn consumption at the movies has increased to seven times as much as it used to be. The average surface area of dinner plates have increased since 1960, as have the quantities of ingredients listed in The Joy of Cooking (a staple cookbook). But the biggest surprise in this article was a...

Health and Cities

Hello again. I hope everyone had a great weekend. Speaking of weekends, not this past weekend but the previous one marked my first trip home in about 18 months. Home is the good old San Francisco Bay Area. I'm from a suburb in the east bay. Luckily, I was able to take advantage of the region's great outdoor offerings. I spent a lot of time in parks in San Francisco, but my favorite activity was a hike through a trail in the Oakland Hills. I hiked up a (moderately) big hill. It was a long, steep, strenuous, but ultimately rewarding hike....

Maintaining Your Summer Weight Loss

Hi everyone!   First of all, I’d like to introduce myself. This is Katherine, the new “ambassador” of Weight Loss Buddy. I’ll be around, posting on this blog from time to time (hopefully frequently). Feel free to say hi or let me know if there’s anything I can do to make your buddy experience more fulfilling.   It’s hard to believe it’s already August. Since I only just recently graduated from school and still conceive of the year in semesters, I’m already anticipating the end of summer. Technically speaking, summer’s end is still a few months away. I’m not sure about the rest...