September 2011 Blog Posts

Great Tip on Avoiding Oversnacking

Hey all, Found this one on WeightWatchers' facebook page today. Thought it would be helpful! Tip: Avoid oversnacking by making sure the snack you choose hits the spot. First, determine if you are in the mood for salty, sweet, or crunchy. If you're looking for a good crunch, try apples or baby carrots! If you've got a sweet tooth, some nonfat vanilla yogurt is a great option! Healthy pretzels are good when you're in need of some salt. I totally agree with whoever wrote this suggestion that it's helpful to know what you're in the mood for BEFORE eating. Too often I try to figure out...

Yoga Will Give You Great Abs

I go to yoga once or twice a week. I do a vinyasa class, which is based around an intensive flow, and by the end of each class, I have always worked up a major sweat and feel as though I just completed a huge cardio workout. The teacher who runs my class always makes it a point to do some core workout that strengthens the abs at the end. This article from Self does a great job of breaking down the individual exercises we do: In particular, the Core Scissor Twists and Boat Pulses are effective, and easy for...

Motivating Yourself

Hi all, Hope everyone in the WLB community is having a great week!  Last month, I wrote a blog post about the challenge of  motivating yourself to exercise in the evenings after work. I often find that just walking out the door to go to the gym, or yoga class, etc. is the hardest part. Last month I tried to think of ways we can motivate ourselves to work out in the evening. Meanwhile, I came across this new article at Weight Watchers ,  which has some great ideas for fitting fitness into our daily routines.   If you have a lot...

Healthy Snacking Ideas Part 2

Hi all, I've talked, in past posts, about the importance of a healthy snack. It's easy to stay on track with a healthy diet and suddenly have a slip-up when we finds ourselves in need of a late-night snack with no healthy choices around. I found these ideas, from, for snackers in need of something more than just a piece of fruit. While I don't have calorie counts for all of these, I encourage you to go to the grocery store and see specific dietary information in person. Enjoy, and happy healthy snacking to you all! Some highlights from the list: -...

Why you shouldn't be overly obsessed with reaching your dream dress size

Hi all, I hope everyone in the WLB community is having a great weekend! I stumbled upon this article at Weight Watchers, and I think many of its points serve as important reminders to avoid getting hung up on reaching a single dress size. After all, sizes are, above all, a MARKETING technique. The article reminds us that a size 8 can mean anything from a 24" waist (McCall Pattern Co.) to 30" one (Lands End). I know that it's easy to equate reaching a certain dress size with the freedom of shopping anywhere and feeling good about yourself while doing so. But...