January 2012 Blog Posts

Bee Pollen

Bee Pollen  Bee Pollen sounds healthy doesn't it?  You would purchase bee pollen from a health food store, it's natural and it's made by those cute little bees.  It just has to be good for you! What exactly is bee pollen and why would I even bother to discuss it.  Bee pollen is flower pollen that clings to the bee's hind legs. It then gets mixed with bee saliva and plant nectar.  Yum!  It just sounds healthier by the minute.  As long as I don’t dwell on the bee saliva part I’m ok. Bee pollen is collected by placing a special...

Look Thinner Now

Hello Buddys ~ Today's topic is about looking thinner.. Before you think that I'm saying you need to look thinner to look great, I'm not.  What I'm saying is that you need to feel confident to look great.  For many of us that means looking thinner. You deserve to feel attractive now.  Today.  Right away.  You shouldn't have to wait until you lose "just a few more pounds".   When you feel attractive and more confident the real you gets to shine through.  You will become a happier person.  I started researching this topic with the thought of looking thinner in pictures.  Then I...

Keeping Your Motivation Going

Keeping Your Motivation Going The New Year comes and we're all gung ho.  We make sincere promises to ourselves and those around us.  The problem is that even the best of intentions wane.   How to keep our motivation going  is probably the hardest part of losing weight. I have found a few strategies that have helped me.  Recently I had gotten off track with the holidays.  If you've ever been on a low carb diet you know that once you eat sweets you have to go through those beginning days all over again.  That in itself should be a deterrent,...

Great Leg Moves

Great Leg Moves I love how strength training makes me feel.  I also love how strength training makes me look.  I know cardio is great but nothing is going to shape your body the way the following moves will.  I'm talking about the squat and the lunge.  Both can be done at home or at the gym. My favorite is the squat.  It’s amazing how much mileage you can get from this one move.  Squats can reshape your legs. They are a great exercise that is suitable for men as well as women.  This move will work your quadriceps, hamstrings and...

Sugar Substitutes

Sugar Substitutes There are many people who are grateful that there are sugar substitutes.  I can very well understand why a diabetic or a dieter is happy to find one that tastes good.  I do believe there is a difference between a diabetic and a dieter.  For our purposes, on this blog I'm discussing sugar substitutes as a dieter.  There is no medical reason for me to choose a sugar substitute and that is the prospective that I am talking from. Splenda had been my sugar substitute of choice until I...