The End of Summer

For many of us we start planning summer on January 1st.   We're going to lose weight and get in shape so by the time the long days of summer arrive we're ready.  I was wondering how you did?  Did you get into that bathing suit you were hoping for?

Friday, September 21st will mark the last day of summer.  Never does a labor day pass that I don't spend a little time reflecting on my summer.  I grew up in Brooklyn, New York and Tuesday nights are fireworks by the Coney Island Pier.   Summer was awesome.

I still love summers and this year we will be marking the end of summer with a few friends at a pool party on Saturday.  While it will still be hot here and many people still comfortably use their pools until the end of the month, we all know the summer season is leaving us.  I'm not bummed by it because I really enjoy the fall as well.

With the fall season comes Halloween and Thanksgiving which can be challenging for some of us.  Fall reminds me of brisk days and cold nights, colorful leaves and a warm cozy feeling when I arrive home.  Living in Florida means I tend to do quite a bit of fall decorating in order to get that fall feel.  That consists of lots of scented candles and pumpkins.  Do you spoof up the interior of your space in anticipation of the next season? This is a great time of year to clean out your panty.  Clear out the old expired stuff; make a list of items that will need restocking.   You can take this opportunity to clean out the fridge and vacuum the condenser coils, clean the keurig, the oven's vent and why not clean the oven before you start getting ready for your fall cooking.

Now is a good time to scope out some local gyms or exercise classes you've been meaning to try.  Starting a yoga practice before the holiday stress hits can be a good plan. A good place to look is at your local recreation center or community center.  We won't be changing our clocks until November 4th but the days will be slowly getting shorter.  For those of you who enjoy your early evening run you will want to make sure you’re wearing something reflective.  Put your plans in place and you'll be ready for what comes your way.

The idea is to seamlessly move from one season to another without letting it ruin your diet and your exercise goals.  You may have to tweak things a bit but you can do it.  It just takes a little forethought. 

What do you do to get yourself ready?  I'd love to hear back from you feel free to add your comments below.

posted @ Wednesday, September 5, 2012 12:37 PM


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# re: The End of Summer

Left by cutemonkey at 9/5/2012 1:10 PM
End of summer!!! NO! I love summer and I don't want to let it go. I'm going to squeeze the last drop from summer: gardening, biking, walking, swimming! But then again I love fall, winter and spring too!

# re: The End of Summer

Left by Madhuri at 9/7/2012 6:07 AM
By the way very well written. The post is like reading a well written novel. To get myself ready to begin the journey of making myself loose weight Im just visualising how I would like to live life after becoming thin.

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