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Thanksgiving is going to happen.  The aroma of traditional and some not so traditional foods will be wafting in the air.  You can have the pleasant dinner Thanksgiving is meant to be or you can stress yourself out until it becomes an ordeal.   I've listed some of the more common food items below.  If you plan ahead on which you'll like to eat and what your serving size will be you'll feel in control.

This is one of those times when you really need to have a plan.   I don't think anyone should feel punished or denied.   Pick your favorites and enjoy them.  Don’t feel guilty but feel empowered.  Drink a little more water, do an extra work out, whatever it takes to allow you to enjoy the foods that you want to eat.  

I’m a list maker and by Sunday I’ll have lists for grocery shopping, lists for menu idea’s, lists for back up idea’s and my planned scheduled for Thursday.  It may sound crazy but it works.  I spent way too many years stressing and I just refuse to do it anymore.  I’m now empowered and in control.  You can be too!

Butterball has an awesome site for holidays.  They tell you how big your turkey should be, how many servings, figure in leftovers and if that’s not enough they will even tell you how much stuffing you should prepare.  I love it!  Butterball Holiday Guide.  
Be sure to eat breakfast, it's an important meal and gets your metabolism started for the day.  Eat a light snack or a light lunch so you won't be starving by the time you approach your Thanksgiving dinner.   Most of all remember to enjoy yourself and the people your with. 

Roasted Turkey without skin - 4 ounces = 192 calories
Bread Stuffing - 1/2 cup    = 177 calories
Mashed Potatoes prepared with whole milk and butter -1 cup = 237 calories
Campbell Soup Turkey Gravy - 1/4 cup = 25 calories
Cranberry Sauce  - 1 slice 1/2" thick = 86 calories
1 Dinner Roll - 76 calories
Green Bean Casserole - 1/2 cup = 74 calories
White Wine - 5 ounces = 119 calories
Red Wine - 5 ounces = 122 calories
Pumpkin Pie - 1 slice = 323 calories
Pecan Pie - 1 slice = 541 calories

Walking for 60 minutes at 3 mph = 318 calories
Low Impact Aerobics for 30 mins = 182 calories
Circuit Training for 30 mins = 291 calories
Calisthenics; pushups, sit ups for 30 mins = 218 calories
Bicycling, moderate  30 minutes = 254 calories
Yoga; stretching for 30 minutes = 145 calories
Step Machine for 30 minutes = 218 calories
Weight Lifting general for 30 minutes = 109 calories
Calculations are based on a person who weighs 160 lbs.

posted @ Friday, November 16, 2012 6:01 PM


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