December 2012 Blog Posts

The Aftermath

Did sugar plums dance before your eyes?  Or was it the Grandma's special desert that she makes every year that tore away the last vestiges of your self control?  Regardless, there are no more excuses!   Now it's time to deal with the aftermath.  For the record, you do not get a slide until after New Year's Day.  I know it's only a week away but if you eat whatever you want and graze on all the leftovers until then you will be miserable when you get on the scale.   Aren't you tired of beating yourself up on January 2nd? Get...

Mindless Eating

Eating on autopilot can easily explain many of the pounds we carry around.  I'm sure you've been a victim to it a few times in your life, I know I have.  How many food related choices to you think you make daily?  There was an interesting study done at Cornell University regarding how many food decisions we make.  When asked, most people believed that they made on average 15 choices a day.  However, when the volunteers were asked more specific questions about when, what, how much and where they are and who made decisions about meals, snacks and beverages, the...

Yoga Q and A

I'm a huge fan of yoga but have always wondered about it's role in weight loss.  Yoga promotes relaxation, flexibility and can be considered strength training.  There are so many modifications and different types of yoga that there really is no excuse to not have ever tried it.  We are lucky enough to have a yoga instructor in our as one of our buddies.  Laurashops, was nice enough to answer some questions for us. Thanks Laura! Q: Do you have any tips for what a beginner should look for? A: If you are just starting a Yoga program, you might want to...

3 Day Detox and Cleanse - My Results

Dr. Oz's 3 day detox and cleanse Prior to starting... I was a little nervous about the thought of not eating solid food for 3 days.  The plan is to prepare myself by gradually eliminating processed foods and ending the previous night with a healthy meal.  As a rule I don't eat very much processed food so this wasn’t a problem.  We were enjoying the leftovers from Thanksgiving and I indulged in a slice of pumpkin pie topped with whipped cream.    My fare thee well to food. Day 1 The day started with a large mug of green tea and half a lemon sliced...