January 2013 Blog Posts

Stress Busters

Stress happens.  We can try to be balanced, to stay focused and keep that inner calm but eventually something is going to come along to stress you out.  Here are a few stress busters that I found on the web and from my own experiences.  If you’re wondering why you should give stress this much credence it's because it helps make you fat!  If there are things that you can do that help, why not? Qigong - It's the precursor to Tai Chi and a great treat for your body and mind.  The other day I took a class (found...


A few years ago... I thought juicing would be a great idea.  Every time a late night commercial came on and I saw their juicers swallowing up pineapples I thought how nutritious it must be.  Then taking it a step further I began reading about juicing.  It sounded like an awesome way to get in a huge variety of fruits and vegetables.   Speaking with my mother in law about it she told me she had recently replaced her old juicer with a newer model and offered me her first one.  I was all in!  Now you just know I was going...

Sugar Crisis

In the not so distance past we were told that in order to lose weight and maintain our health we needed to cut back on fat.  We listened.  We not only listened but we educated ourselves.  We learned that there are bad fats and good fats.  We know which ones to omit and which ones to keep in our diets. Yet, here we are still fat and our children are fat.  Could this be the first generation that is expected to live sicker and die younger than the previous one? Food companies are brilliant.  They know how to market their...

The Biggest Loser Returns pt ll

Last night was part ll of The Biggest Loser's season 14 premiere.  One of the differences from the previous seasons is that all of the trainers were able to set up an outdoor work out area.  I thought that was pretty cool even if one of those areas is called Dolvett's Dungeon!  Having the opportunity to work outside is awesome.  I also liked seeing some of Bob Harper's very own work out buddies. Ms. Sweeney announced that there would be another red line at this week’s weigh in.  I felt for the white team who were already down by 2 members. ...

The Biggest Loser Returns Season 14

I'm a Biggest Loser Fan.  Everyone has their favorite trainer and for me it's Bob Harper.  I like Dolvett too but Bob is my guy.   The loud and abrasive Jillian has won the hearts of many but her get in your face style holds little appeal for me.  The now mother of two has returned with a vengeance.  Each trainer started with a team of 5 adults and one child.  The kids will not be staying on campus the whole time but will be returning from time to time.  They will be participating in challenges and there for a few...

Stick to Your Resolutions

We are a few days into the New Year and I was wondering how you're doing with your New Year's Resolutions?  Setting goals is a great idea and something that many successful people do.  Here are a few helpful tips. Build an emotional attachment to your goal.  According to Mark Murphy, author of Hard Goals: The Secret to Getting from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be, goals get abandoned because you don't really care about them.  Make an emotional connection to your resolution.  I want to lose weight because I know if I do I'll be able to...