February 2013 Blog Posts

The Zone Diet

Have you heard of the Zone Diet?  It was created by Dr. Barry Sears Ph.D.  I was first introduced to it about 12 years ago.   My sister in law had tried it and saw great results.  I was happy to give it a whirl and I also saw great results.  I learned some great information as well as some good habits that I still try to follow today.  Lately, I seemed to have lost my way and pulled out the first book I had purchased called "A Week In The Zone" On the cover of the book I'm urged to...

The Morning Constitutional

Taking a morning constitutional refers to taking a walk that will benefit the body.  It doesn't just refer to the physical body either.  It's an old fashioned term but don't let that stop you from giving the idea its due credit.  I still remember stories of Great-Grandpa taking his morning walk and stopping by Grandma’s before continuing on his rounds.  I believe there was a jaunty step and a whistle involved.                                       Let’s look at some benefits of “taking a morning constitutional”. This is a perfect opportunity to clear your mind and direct your focus for the day.  Leslie Sansone had...

Getting Your Head Back In the Game

You know all the nutritional values of all of your meals, you know how much, how often and what kind of exercise you need to do but something still seems to be missing.  Speaking for myself I can say that I succeed in my goals when my head is in the game.  Maybe that's why I'm such a fan of yoga.  So the question is how do you get your head in the game when it's not.   Motivational posters and quotes help, inspirational stories can hit home but real success comes from within.  It's when all of those things sparks...

Live to be a 100

Is it feasible to believe that you or I can live to be 100?  I just finished browsing through an article that showcased several women who were over 100 and living life.  The ladies were asked about their habits and 77% of them said they worked out.  One lady said she exercises every day.  Another believes in buddying up, (where have we heard that message?) she meets with  friends everyday for lunch.  Another lady claims she's never left the house without her makeup on, another believes in watching your weight while yet another lady claims the key is being optimistic. ...

Eating Well For Less

You've decided it's time to stop eating junk and make better choices.  Your plan is to go grocery shopping and fill your pantry with healthy foods.  You do what’s recommended and avoid the center of the store and stick to shopping the perimeter.  Then you start looking at how much everything costs!  You want to get healthy but not break the bank!  I can relate.  I choose which items will be organic and have found some great alternatives using frozen items.  While I’ve tried to be coupon conscious I am the first one to say it’s time consuming.  I wish...