May 2013 Blog Posts

Moods and Food

The other day someone asked me if I was stress eating.  I wasn't, but it started me thinking about how much mood determines whether we over eat or not.   I had spent years stressing out and heading for the pantry.  Now when I'm stressed I use other strategies I've put in place.   A work out that is a great way to burn off some stress but it doesn't always mean I need to make it a vigorous work out.  Sometimes a calming yoga class does the trick.  The easiest and quickest stress buster is logging into WeightLossBuddy.  I browse through...

The Incredible Squat

Squats are an amazing exercise and here's why.  It works your core as well as well as one of the largest muscle groups in your body.  There are so many different variations of this move that there is no reason why you can't find one or more that will suit you.  Let's jump right in and see what you can do to give your legs an awesome shape. Starting off with a chair behind you gives you confidence and it a good starting point.   You'd want to stand up straight, shoulders back, abs tighten, chest lifted and raise arms straight out...

WeightLossBuddy's Treadmill Musings

Hi, I've done plenty of blogs that I thought were informative and some that I had hoped would be motivating.  There comes times when introspection of where you are and where you want to go become invaluable to getting there.  There are so many valid reasons to lose weight and each one is a personal story to us.  Have you ever checked out our testimonials?  We have so many heartfelt comments on being apart of  Currently wherever you look there are discussions in the media about the obesity crisis in America and in Europe that I think we've become numb...