July 2013 Blog Posts

Dieter's Tea

I know you’ve seen the boxes lined up on the grocery store shelf, they're so tempting to try.  Before you do there is something you really need to know about and that is the ingredients.  If it seems like just a bunch of unknown gibberish let me try to clarify.  Here are a few ingredients found in some of the more popular brands of Dieter’s Tea Senna – acts as a laxative. Alfalfa - increases urine flow Uva Ursi – is used mostly to treat bladder infections.  It’s not recommended to be used for more than 2 weeks, no more than 5 times...

The Fast Diet

The Fast Diet - The latest diet fad from the UK. I watched the Rachel Ray show this morning.  Rachel was having an interview with Michael Mosley who is a medical journalist and the guy who came up with the Fast Diet.   It seems easy enough to follow.  The Fast diet doesn't refer to the speed of dieting but fasting as in eating very few calories.  He recommends eating 1/4 of the amount of calories that you would normally eat for 2 days out of the week.  Then eat as you normally would for the other 5.   Mr. Mosley himself...

What Diets Have You Tried

I've read through so many diets and I've tried quite a few, as I'm sure you have also.  Some are great and within days you’re seeing results while others not so much.  Then for one reason or another something comes along and derails you.  Now, here you are trying desperately to recreate the magic and it's just not happening.  You decide to go with the fall back plan.  You pull out the book, refresh yourself on the plan and go purchase the correct foods.  You wake up the next morning and nothing.  You have little enthusiasm for a plan that...