August 2013 Blog Posts

Day 1

Is today your Day 1?  Day 1 is the beginning of the new you.  It's waking up and realizing we get to remake ourselves over into the person we want to be.  It's all about being healthier, slimmer and fitter than we were before.  We get as many as many day 1's as we need.  Today, I need a new day 1 how about you? Starting my Day 1 usually means visiting my diet page and restarting my diet.  You'll find the link on the right hand side, it's pretty easy to spot.  Think about it, a clean slate.  This page...

Beet Juice

Is beet juice the new energy drink?  There are some studies which have shown that drinking beet juice can make you run faster and longer.  The nitrates found in the beet is converted to nitric oxide when ingested, giving you that boost.  If that's enough to perk your interest look at some of the other benefits associated with beets.  They are pretty impressive.  MRI scans showed that after eating a high nitrate diet older adults had increased blood flow to the white matter of their frontal lobes.  The frontal lobes is the area that is most commonly associated with the...

Diet Rules

Rules, rules, rules!  There are rules for everything and everyone why not rules for dieting.  Today’s blog is going to be about making sense out of some and debunking others.  At times I wonder if someone is just playing with us because as soon as you think water is good for you someone comes along and tells you that’s true but not for the water you’re drinking.  #1 Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. This makes sense.  You’ve slept your 8 hours and I’m assuming that you didn’t prowl the kitchen looking for leftovers during that time.  Your...