October 2013 Blog Posts

Happy Thanksgiving

Before you think I'm crazy for putting up a Thanksgiving blog in October let me remind you that planning is our friend.  I've done the research and you can browse through the idea's.  I start planning just before Halloween.  I like to have enough time so that if I find a new or a lighter version of one of my dishes I would like to try it before the big day. Guaranteed, this will also avoid a ton of stress. My next task is my list guest list.  I need to know who I'll be inviting because some of my...

TRX Suspension Training

That's a picture of me in my first TRX class.  Nah, I'm just kidding.  ;) My first glimpse in the training room was intimidating.   There were black and yellow straps hanging from the ceiling with loops at the end of each one at varying heights.   A water cooler in the corner, yoga mats along the wall and baskets of towels strategically placed around the room.   I also had my first glimpse of the instructor and I don't believe she had an ounce of fat anywhere on her.   This looked serious.  What did I get myself into? I started to look...

Flu Season is Knocking on the Door

This is not just another blah blah flu season is coming and you need to eat well blog.  There are real things that you can do to stack the cards in your favor.  A lot of Dr.'s and websites recommend that you get the flu vaccine.  We all know that is what is the number one recommendation.  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say it, TV commercials will tell you about it and many of your local pharmacy and stores will be offering you a free vaccine. The majority of you already know if your going to take the vaccine...