November 2013 Blog Posts

WeightLossBuddy Teams

  Let's talk about the teams on  Belonging to a team is a great way to give and get support.  You can create a team or join an existing one.  Whether you're looking for a team with members that are in same age range or just share the same diet plan as you do, it is an experience worth having.  Any member can create a team.  That would make you the team owner and team captain.  As such you can appoint a co-captain and then you will both have editing power over your team.  You and your co captain can...

How is your diet going

This is an amazing time of year to be dieting and exercising.  If we can make it through family, shopping, holiday parties and the simple urge to comfort eat during the winter we can handle anything! I realize the hard work and dedication that goes into dieting.  I successfully lost 35 lbs and maintained it for over a year.  Then I had some family stress and regained 20 lbs.  As you can imagine I'm not really happy about it.  So when you tell me you're struggling I really get it.  Here are the questions I ask myself and may work for...

Is Yoga For You

Is being a pretzel for you?  That depends on what you would like for yourself.  If your hoping to lose weight, tone your body, improve your outlook as well as destress this may be the thing for you.   Or you may just be interested in a stronger immune system.  If your still not sure there is always the delay of aging, improved posture, strength, energy and sleep.  How about improving your concentration, memory, as well as feeling calmer and improved self control?  If that hasn't convinced you I'll toss in improved joint range of motion and endurance.  If you are...