December 2013 Blog Posts

Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria Found In Chicken Breasts

Just saying that sounds a little scary.  What does it mean to you and mean?  It means that we need to be really careful how we handle our raw chicken.  That isn't really anything new; we know that we have to be careful.  We know that chicken needs to be cooked to an internal temperature of 165 degrees.  There are no exceptions to that rule.   Internal temperature of 165 degrees. I never cooked with a thermometer until recent years.  When my son became a cook I noticed that on his jacket sleeve there was a little slot for a thermometer.  He...


Some of the pros of juicing are: It gives your digestive system a break. Juicing is a way to consume a large amount of nutrients at one time. Juicing is also a great way to get in servings of fruits and vegetables you may not have eating otherwise. Juicing is all the rage right now and I've heard people say they have increased energy and a boost to their immune system.  I found a great site full of tips for juicing for weight loss.  There were lots...

Runners Pre and Post Snack Ideas

Runners are a unique breed.  They wake up before the rest of us are even stirring in our beds.  By the dimmest of lights they can be found moving around their bedrooms in stealth mode.  Runners will not be deterred; the pavement is calling to them.  The rush is out there waiting.  The runner finds their pace, the thud of their feet pounding the pavement and before you know it they found the zone!  I am not a runner, I am a walker.  Not the same thing, but I’ve run and I know the allure. The adrenaline rush is amazing. ...