January 2014 Blog Posts

Effective Habits of Dieters

We all know that by creating good habits we increase our chances of success.  Forming those habits can be daunting in the beginning but once we've formed them it makes our lives so much easier.  If I had to stop each day and decide whether I was going to get on the treadmill chances are pretty good I wouldn't.  Instead I ask myself WHEN I'm going to get on the treadmill.    I came across this list put together by Runners World that I thought was great.  1. Create a Supportive Network for Yourself.  Being able to communicate with people that...

Juicing, Blending and Inbetween

There is so much information out there on this subject, it can get overwhelming real fast.  The bottom line is what is most important to you.   What are your reasons for wanting to juice or blend to begin with?  Do you prefer a drink that's thinner or do you enjoy having  fiber in your drink.   Juicing is easy on your digestive system and if you're having any issues with that juicing would be an obvious choice.  The sugars in your vegetables and fruits are more concentrated without the fiber and therefore when you juice you may cause your sugar levels...

Timing When and What You Eat

When you eat matters According to a recent study conducted on over 400 overweight participants who followed a 20 week weight loss program those who ate their largest meal earlier in the day had greater weight loss success.  The study was broken up into two groups, those who ate their main meal before 3pm and those who ate their main meal after 3pm.  Those that were the late eaters lost significantly less weight and displayed a much slower rate of weight loss. Researchers found that the timing of the smaller meals didn't have an impact on their participant’s weight loss.  The late...