February 2014 Blog Posts

My Green Smoothie Update

  It's been nearly a month since I've started replacing my lunch with a green smoothie.  There are days that I've skipped but for the majority of the time I've been sticking with it.  I haven't lost much weight to speak of.  Weight loss wasn't the reason I was trying this experiment, but if it would have been a by product I wouldn't have complained.  I do have more energy, which might be attributed to the superfood boost (by nutribullet) that I've been adding to the smoothie.  When I don't have it I miss the smoothie and try to have...

How Often Do You Think About Food

Do you think about food all the time?  When is the next time you can eat, what will it be and how much can you have?  While keeping a food diary has been proven to aid in weight loss, can the down side be that it encourages you to think about your food too often?  Portion control is so very important.  All diet books encourage you to pay exact attention to measurements and weights of your foods.  Again, I have to agree that it is really important to realize how much a portion is and how much you're eating.  But...I...

Sugar and Other Sweet Additives

For some of us sweetener is a choice for others it's the way it has to be.  I would rather have fewer cups of tea that are sweetened than to be able to drink tea all day long without it being sweetened.   I've tried weaning myself off of sugar and  I've tried going cold turkey.  I always end up miserable.  The next step would be to try an alternative.  Honey tastes pretty good in tea but it doesn't taste like the tea I've come to know and love.  It might be ok in a few herbal tea's, maybe in a...