April 2014 Blog Posts

Post Wedding Weight

Post wedding weight is real and chances are good it can happen to you. Think of all the dieting and exercising you've done so you can look fabulous for your big day.   You've worked so hard to fit into the dress of your dreams and to look stunning on your honeymoon.  Now instead of that morning run you have your new hubby to cuddle up against.  And so it begins....  The average woman in her 20's will put on 6-9 lbs versus her single friends.  She'll also exercise less.  Suddenly your portion sizes start resembling his portion sizes.  Instead of going...

Declutter Your House and Lose Weight

It creeps in slowly and before you know it, it's all over.  I'm talking about clutter.  It's stressful,  energy sapping it adds to your weight loss struggles.  It really does start off innocently enough.  You've been busy and you decide to clean up on your day off.  Before you know it you start having a priority pile and then the pile you'll get to another day.  Next you start finding ways to strategically camouflage stuff.  Your stuff starts stressing you out.  Your overwhelmed and not really sure where to start because by now you have stuff everywhere.  You don't even...