May 2014 Blog Posts

Should You Be Gluten Free

What exactly is gluten? Gluten is the protein part of whole wheat and other related grain species. The word Gluten comes from Latin’s word “glue”.  So if you are eating foods made of wheat such as breads or pastas, then you are eating gluten. However, Gluten is also used in MANY products as an additive.  Remember, the word Gluten comes from the Latin word glue, so it is very “sticky” and is used in food manufacturing as a thickening agent. Gluten is in many places you may not think it would be. Some of these places are; beer, dairy products, sausages,...

The Future of McDonald's

When was the last time you passed through those famous golden arches?  I have to admit I'm one of those guilty of turning up my nose when someone suggests McDonald's.  The other day my DH had an urge for a beloved Big Mac, which he hasn't had in years.   That became our destination.   My first instinct was to find the nutritional information on my phone so I could see what choices would be available for me.   Unnecessary, since all the calories were clearly posted on the menu.  They also have all the nutritional facts for every item on the back...


Walking is a great form of exercise.   It works your entire body, improves your mood and you can do it nearly everywhere during all seasons.   You can lose weight, strengthen your bones and improve your balance. Your work outs can be tailor made for you!  You're not dependent on someone else showing up but if you would like company it's not a problem.    If your thinking this may be a work out for you here are the things you need to consider.  Have comfortable sneakers and wear socks.   I always urge buddies to make sure you have a safe...