June 2014 Blog Posts

Is Food Your Medicine

Hippocrates had the right of it when he said, "Let food by thy medicine and medicine be thy food."  Did we get it?  I enjoy learning about various foods and their benefits.  When I think about it's easy to have so many questions.  How much of this should I eat and how often?  If I eat x, y and z then will I still have to eat m, n and o.   Just today I was talking to my brother and he had asked me how many tomatoes should a person eat.  He knows tomatoes are good for him and he'd...

Dr Oz Gets Scolded By The Senate

If you've noticed there are several weight loss miracles in a bottle discussed on the Dr. Oz show you're not alone.  The U.S. Senate's consumer protection panel scolded Dr Oz today.    Dr Oz insists that he believes in the supplements he talks about as short-term cruches  but claims there is no long term miracle pill out there without diet and exercise.  He is sincere in his cheerleader style and has made those same recommendations to his family. Sen. Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn., took on Dr. Oz saying, “It’s a major problem when people are spending more and more money and they’re gaining...

Is Camel Milk the Next Super Food

That's correct, camel milk may just be the next super food.  While lower in vitamins A and B2 and higher in fatty acids than cow milk, camel milk has ten times as much iron, three times as much vitamin C, and wins by a mile in the mineral department.  Camel milk is also low in cholesterol and high in protein.  Research suggests that antibodies in camel's milk can help fight diseases like cancer, V/Aids, Alzheimer's and hepatitis B. The presence of high concentration of insulin-like protein has positive role in reducing the effect of diabetes. The goal of Camel Milk USA...