July 2014 Blog Posts

Table Salt vs Sea Salt

Salt has an amazing history.  Artisan varieties add deminsions to all of your foods.  But if you're looking for a way to use salt without any of the ill effects of high sodium you're going to be disappointed.  I've seen the subtle hints that sea salt is better for you or sea salt won't effect your blood pressure.  That's bad information. The benefit of eating sea salt is that it hasn't been as processed as table salt.  Due to that fact sea salt still retains many of its minerals.  If there is a difference in sodium levels it mainly comes from...

Are Butter, Cheese and Steak Really Bad

In 1953 Dr. Ancel Keyes published a paper stating that saturated fats were not good for us.  Saturated fats raised cholesterol levels and that increased heart disease.  He presented that information to a country where heart disease was rapidly become the number one killer.  In 1961, Dr. Keys sealed saturated fat's fate by landing a position on the nutrition committee of the American Heart Association, whose dietary guidelines are considered the gold standard. Although the committee had originally been skeptical of his hypothesis, it issued, in that year, the country's first-ever guidelines targeting saturated fats. The U.S. Department of Agriculture...