August 2014 Blog Posts

Are you really hungry

This morning was a little unusual for me.  I normally do my AM yoga routine before I eat or drink anything but recently I had read that having a cup of tea isn't detrimental to a practice.  I was still a little draggy and decided to have a cup of white tea before a gentle morning yoga series.  It was a really pleasant way of finding my balance and setting my intent for the day.  Afterwards, I took care of a few things around the house and it wasn't until after 11 before I realized I hadn't eaten anything yet. ...

Just Do It

I like to write blogs that are imparting some bit of information that might help you get to your goal.  Today's blog is a little different because I'm not really sharing stuff that you didn't already know.  Hopefully, you'll find this a little motivating.  I like Nike's slogan of "Just Do It".  It really says it all.  It's going to be my inspiration for today.  I woke up feeling a little out of sorts and I started out-thinking myself.  Instead of hopping on my yoga mat and doing my morning routine I started thinking about reading for a little while. ...

6 Tips For Getting Back On Track

Have you ever gotten sidelined by life?  You didn't mean to.  You enjoyed your work outs and your nutritional choices, then all of sudden bam.  Life just got in the way.  It could have been something that you didn't even think would interfere.  Vacation or illness, out of town company or a job deadline.  Before you know it 2 days has lead to 2 weeks or longer.  By the time you realize how much time has passed you might have started gaining weight and the thought of starting over or trying to turn it around seems overwhelming.  You might have...