September 2014 Blog Posts

Farm Raised or Wild Caught Salmon

Does it really make a difference whether your fish is farmed or wild?  The answer is it depends on the fish. As I was reading my latest find "Inflammation Nation by Floyd H. Chilton, Ph.D. with Laura Tucker" It was stated in the book that farmed salmon was not good for you whereas wild salmon was.  They based this opinion on the impact of farmed vs wild salmon on the inflammation responses in your body.  Which got me thinking there may be other things in the composition of the fish that were different.  According to Prevention magazine wild salmon has...


Let's talk bread.  I really like bread.  It's a comfort food, it's convenient, and it can be a healthy choice.  That is my opinion and I'll stand by it.  If you choose to eat bread that has been made with wheat that has been genetically modified or stripped of most of it's nutritional value that's your choice but there are plenty of breads out there that are delicious and nutritious.  I've noticed that there are lots of people pretty down on bread and it think it's a shame.  What's wrong with bread?  One of the issues is that there isn't...

How are you cooking your superfoods

We know the foods to eats but what about how we should prepare them?  At one time we boiled most vegetables.  We since learned that steaming them would preserve more of the nutritional value.  I came across this list from prevention that not only tells us the best method for cooking some super foods but why.  Kale HOW: Sauté with a bit of olive oil. WHY: Kale is rife with polyphenols that are water soluble, so if you steam or boil it, they'll escape into the water. Cooking it dry with an oil helps you absorb the fat-soluble carotenoids, too. Purple Potatoes HOW:...

Start A New Routine

Can you believe it's September already? Kids are back in school and life is slowly returning to your normal routines.  Older kids are starting off on their college adventures and you're going to have more time to focus on yourself.  Or maybe you're one of those young adults wanting to ward of the freshman 15.  Now is the perfect time to start a new work out routine. Make it simple. Be specific and realistic - Make a chart and be sure to mark down your progress. Schedule it - making sure you have the time to...