November 2014 Blog Posts

WeightLossBuddy Meetings Have Arrived

Imagine attending a weight loss meeting in the comfort of your own home or while your in your pj's.  The meetings will be held 7 days a week and open to everyone! We have trained facilitators who will be presenting a series of programs and you are personally invited to attend.   This program was designed just for WeightLossBuddy by our expert Linda Spangle. After the presentation you will by able to privately type any questions you may have to your host.   Your question will only be visible to you and the host. There will also be a take-a-way document that you...

Finding Inspiration

Many of us know the ins and outs of dieting. supplies us with the support and the tools.  It's the inspiration that can difficult.  That something inside that makes it ok to turn down the brownie and makes it easy to pass on the second serving.  Inspiration is all around us.  It's just not always easy to take that inspiration and apply it to our own lives.  I was speaking to a woman last week who really gave me the inspiration I needed.  Miss Louise is a long time dieter who has lost 100 lbs and is still going. ...