February 2015 Blog Posts

Reinforce Positive Committment

People like feeling good.  We would rather be positive and hopeful than negative and pessimistic by nature.  From time to time you come across a negative person but most of the time as fast as they come into your life is as fast as you remove them from your life.  If you're reading this chances are you want to lose weight and you might have already made some goals.  I hope they're positive and realistic. Here are some positive spins that you may find helpful. I am dreading working out.                       I always feel good after I'm done working out. I really...

Our Favorite Coffee Shops

Our Favorite Coffee Stops Not too long ago I stopped off at Dunkin' Donuts and made what I thought were great choices.  Normally, I'd have checked the calorie counts first but I didn't have the luxury of time.   Later on that day I entered the information into my food diary and was really surprised.  My great choices weren't so great.  That's when I picked up one those Choose it Lose it! books.  This one claims to be the Ulitimate Pocket Guide to save 500 calories a day. Let's look at how our favorite coffee shops Starbucks and Dunkin' Donuts did.  Dunkin' Donuts skip...

How To Look Thinner

With just a few better choices you can start looking thinner now!  Stand tall and walk with confidence.  You look great, feel great and are on the way to a slimmer you. In the meanwhile... Let's talk clothes.  Men and women alike, nothing does you more of a disservice than squeezing into too tight clothing.   Yes, everyone notices the seams straining and the buttons ready to pop.  In addition nothing feels worse than feeling like your meat stuffed into a sausage casing.  Baaaaad.  Don't go by the label size go by the fit.  Ladies, when buying a jacket or a shirt...purchase something...