June 2015 Blog Posts

Phase 2 on Dr. Phils Diet

My experience with Phase 2.          This particular diet focus's on 20 foods, of which two are included in nearly or should in be each meal.  I must admit I like most of the foods listed. There are 3 phases of the diet and then maintenance.  The first two phases are each 5 days long and the third phase lasts for 20 days. (I am currently on phase 3).  If by the end of phase 3 you haven't reached your goal weight then you would restart at phase 1 again. The diet does tell you to exercise and how.  You are...

Taking Back Control

There is no guarantee that we can be in complete control of our day.  Family members may need us, problems at work or stress from out side sources happen.  The trick is being able to handle what comes along by putting in place good habits that will take over when we are unable to think of the details.  We are laying the groundwork for success. I believe in starting at the beginning and starting small.  As time goes on you'll build on good habits and before long you'll be living the life you wanted.  If your plans are to go from...

My First 5 Days on Dr. Phils Diet

I like reading and experimenting with different diets.  There is always a positive I can take away from most diet plans.  Whether it’s a particular recipe or a new idea on how to pair super foods, there is always something.  I do believe that most diets work they just don't work for everyone.  The trick is finding the one that will work for you. For this trip to Barnes and Noble I had something specific in mind.  I wanted to find a diet that didn't just address the food part of dieting but one that might also help me work on...