July 2015 Blog Posts

1 in 10 Americans Eat Enough Fruits and Vegetables

According to a new government report only one in every 10 Americans eat enough fruits and vegetables.  I admit I was surprised by this.  By just walking down the local grocery aisle's I had the impression that we were eating better than ever!  I see more and more organic options on the shelves.  You can't say it hasn't been in our face about eating more fruits and vegetables.  This time of year I find many fresh fruits to be more reasonably priced.  So what gives? Thirteen percent of U.S. residents consume one and half to two cups of fruit every day...

Are You Stuck on a Plateau

It happens, you're dieting and things are going well then suddenly nothing happens.  You're being faithful to your plan.  You get on the scale each day expecting your usual results only to be disappointed by the same number. 1.  It could be that you are eating too much.  Especially, if you've become lax about measuring and weighing.  It could also be that because your weight has dropped you neglected to drop the calories you need to keep losing. 2.  You're not eating enough.  In your enthusiasm to reduce your intake did you go over board?  Again, weigh and measure your foods for...