August 2015 Blog Posts

Matcha Tea

Lately, I've been seeing matcha tea everywhere as I'm sure you have also.  What exactly is matcha tea and why are they putting it in everything?   I've always felt that tea is also about the entire brewing process.  It's a civilized drink and deserves it's due respect.  Whether you're sipping from a warm mug, stirring the ice in a tall glass or balancing a cup and saucer with pinky extended it's a drink that soothes the soul as much as it does the taste buds.  Matcha tea comes with it's own ceremony.   It's been said that it tastes like summer. ...

Going to the gym and still no results - this could be why

Are you being consistent with your nutrition? Are you sneaking extra bites here and there? How accurate are you with your tracking? Are you skipping the food scale and just "eye balling" portion sizes? You're doing too much cardio can be another reason. When it comes to cardio, it's quality over quantity.  Remember, you can only do so much.  If you start with hours of daily cardio how many hours do you expect to be doing at the end of your training period? If those reasons don't make sense to you maybe this one will.  You never stop dieting.  You lose 10 lbs, gain it back. ...