November 2015 Blog Posts

How to Handle People Pushing Food on You

I think we all can relate to this scenario and with the holiday season nearing I think this is a perfect topic for this week's blog.  This is a subject that comes up often on the message board.  What makes it so difficult is that it's usually a loved one who is making us feel that we are letting them down by not eating everything in sight.  How do you turn down Grandma when you know she made your favorite?  Then we she adds, "I made this especially for you, dear." It's so easy to crumble.  Just respond with, "Grandma,...

Rules for Healthy Eating

Everyone wants to eat healthy, lose weight and feel good.  Yet, wanting to do something and actually doing it are two very different things.  I believe part of the problem is there is a ton of conflicting information out there and it's easy to get confused as to which is the best way to eat. I came across this article written by Aaron Carroll, MD, MS that covered this exact topic.   He came up with a fantastic list of simple rules for eating healthy.  I couldn't agree more with his list and have shared them with you below. 1. Get as much...

Tackling the Food Court

It has begun.  I was in the mall yesterday and wherever you turn there is something urging you, taunting you, enticing you to start your holiday shopping.  It's easy to spend hours going from one gorgeous display to another.  It's only inevitable that you will begin to feel hungry.  We all know that food court is laying in wait for us.  I don't mean to sound all doom and gloom because I have found some pretty good choices.  They may not be the choices we think are best.  You've planned your shopping list, why not take a few extra minutes...