February 2016 Blog Posts

Tips for When Weight Loss Slows Down

If your weight loss has slowed down here are a few tips to help you through.  1.  If you've been losing weight all along and are still following the same eating plan that may be the issue.  For every pound you lose you should be reducing your calories by 8.  If you have lost 30 lbs then you need to reduce your calorie intake by 240 calories.   Double check your numbers.  2.  Adjust your work outs also.  What was challenging in the beginning may no longer be giving you the same calorie burn. 3.  Some of your reasons for losing weight...

Nutrition for You

Eating well can make all the difference in meeting your weight loss goals.  Over the next few blogs I’ll be focusing on nutrition and hopefully you'll find something you can take away from it. If you’ve heard the term macronutrients and wondered what they are, what’s being referred to are carbohydrates, fat and protein.    Carbohydrates are made of up two different types, simple and complex. Often I get confused between complex and simple carbs. Simple carbs are made from one or two sugar molecules while complex carbs are made of sugar molecules strung together. Simple carbs would be your quickest form...