April 2016 Blog Posts

Eating After 8PM

Hi again :) My husband and I went grocery shopping yesterday and the evil woman behind the bakery counter had lured my husband into purchasing a cream cheese filled pecan cone.  It was one of the most decandent deserts that I had ever tasted.   Then after a light dinner I put up the tea water and asked my husband if he'd like a cup of coffee to go with our dessert.  He immediately said we needed to save this delicious concoction until later.  I really didn't want to.  I knew I'd be thinking about it.  I didn't want to be hungry...

Portion Control

Most of us agree eating a well balanced diet and living a well balanced life is what we should strive for.  Then portion control is of the utmost importance.  You've probably come across a few pictures to remind you what a portion really is.  If you are eating anything out of a package the portion should be on the package.  Even sliced bread will suggest whether one or two slices is considered a portion.  Just as a reminder, if the package says that 1/2 of a cup is a serving that doesn't mean you can't make it 1/3 of a...


I love a good smoothie!  A smoothie has the potential of being the perfect meal.  Think about it, It can be full of vegetables with just enough fruit to make it taste delicious, some protein, healthy fat, a little fiber.....and voila!  Smoothies are quick, you can assembly most ingredients a head of time, clean up is a snap and they can keep you going for hours.  Since your food is so finely broken down all those nutrients will be more easily absorbed by your body.    Also, there are tons of recipes and idea's for smoothies. There is one pitfall...If it's not...