June 2016 Blog Posts

Father's Day and Beets

I hope you had a wonderful Father's Day, whether you were celebrating yourself, your dad, or someone who had been like a dad to you.  I always like to remember that it's about the occasion and the people we are fortunate enough to have in our lives rather than the food.  Yet, the food seems to matter.   My approach to dinner was about healthy options, so while we had this amazing cake that my brother brought over I also made sure there was a bowl of fresh fruit on the table.   Same thing with the rest of the meal...if you...

Morning Routine

Do you have a morning routine?  Having a good morning routine is invaluable!  I'm not kidding.  Think about how your mornings are working now.  Are you in control?  Are you getting in a little exercise, eating a healthy breakfast, starting off your day with a smile or are you running around with one shoe in hand, half a bagel wedged between your body and purse while you are juggling the car keys?  Starting off your day calm and in control can be everything!  It starts your trend for the day.  I've decided it's time to redo my own morning routine...

Summer Survival Challenge

     THE "SURVIVING SUMMER CHALLENGE BEGINS 6-19-16                           JOIN NOW AND GET PREPARED! Naughty has done it again....she's put together an awesome challenge designed to be personalized to your own goals and strategies.  Feel accountable with a weekly weigh in.  Stop by and make at least one weekly post as you get to meet and know other buddies who are also challenging themselves to get closer to their goals.  Add a little friendly competition and get your motivation on! The spreadsheets are awesome....add your own stats.  If you have difficulty just ask for a little help and you'll get it.  Naughty has made...

Self Sabotage

Good Morning! Here I sit with coffee in hand.  Today was just a big cup of coffee type of morning.  I've been binge watching the new season of Netflix's Bloodline.  Wow, it's difficult to sit up late watching and not munching on goodies.  I was pretty of proud of myself, I did well...but not without tremendous effort.  I wasn't perfect because when I went to toss out the empty box of lemon oreos, lo and behold there was one clinging to the back of the package....and before you could say hello, it was history. LOL  Self Sabotage - No matter how...