July 2016 Blog Posts

Attack of the Keebler Elves

This is my story and I'm sticking with it.  I was sitting on my recliner, tired, a little sore from my latest work out, sipping from my favorite tea cup.  The infusion of Asian Plum and white tea perfectly balanced with just a hint of sweetness.  That was when the incident occurred.  My husband sat down on his recliner with coffee cup in hand.  He worked hard and it felt good to be home in his comfy clothes with a cup of still steaming coffee.  That was when I noticed the package of the Keebler double stuffed fudge cookies.  The...

Water Aerobics

Good Morning, Have you ever taken an Aqua Fit or Water Aerobics class?  Time is valuable and I know we all trying to get the most out of the time we're spending on our exercise.   I found my most recent class to be a great full body work out that was also refreshing. The first time I took a water aerobics class was when we were staying at a resort.  It was a morning class which I thought would be a nice way of waking up.  I really did think to myself that it wouldn't be that difficult.  There were weights and...

Hellooooo Monday

Good Morning Buddies, Are you ready for Monday morning?  Whatever happened over the weekend stays in the past and now we move forward.  What's the plan? Are you heading for the gym, did you get in a morning run or are you popping in your favorite work out DVD? Whatever it is, let's do something.  My mom always said energy gives you more energy.  I'm sure there was something in physics that supported her theory it's just a little too early for me to remember what it was. :)  I do know I'm going to the gym this morning.  I have...

Your Summer Cheat Sheet

Good Morning Buddies! Here we are in the thick of summer.  Dodging grilled hot dogs, trying to ignore creamy potato salad and please help us, trying to limit that ice cold beer.  It's not easy.  Have you heard the saying growing old isn't for wimps?  Well, dieting isn't for the faint of heart! :)  Let's go over a few strategies and please feel free to add your old in our comments below.  I'd also like to talk about working out in the heat so be sure to read the end of this blog. Summer Eating You have to have a plan...