August 2016 Blog Posts

Self Control

Some people may call it self control while others refer to it as will power.  Either way it boils down to the same thing.  Having the ability to say, "No, thank you." or walk away from the desert table.  What if I were to tell you that we are only allotted so much self control for the day?  Would you think that was a possibility?  Could that be the reason why by 10pm when the commercial with the desert tray keeps being played you're just worn down and indulge in a food that you may not have caved to several...

Today's Inbox

Good Morning Buddies! I didn't really have a topic in mind for today's blog so I thought I'd pick a few random inbox items to share. Essential oils can be an amazing tool and they seem to be growing in popularity.  Diffusers are popping up everywhere and I've noticed that not only is my health food store carrying a line of NOW essential oils, but I've seen them tucked away is some of the small downtown area shops.  My first word of caution is that not all essential oils are created equal so be sure you're getting the quality stuff.  There is...