October 2017 Blog Posts

Less is More

  I stood behind two women on line at the pizza station in the food court.  Both were saying how this was a cheat for them.  The first woman ordered salad, a meatball, and a slice of pizza.  She felt good about her order and moved on.  The next woman ordered a slice of pizza and a bottle of water.  As they walked away I thought...less is more.  The first woman wanted to hit all her markers...vegetables, protein, and then her slice.  The second woman...knew she was cheating by having her pizza in the first place and felt that cheat was...

The Mirror and Motivation

  I was listening to the banter between two radio show hosts in the car today.  One called himself workout guy.  He retold his morning experience and I think it's one many of us can relate to.  He goes to the gym to work out every morning.  This morning he came home after a particularly great work out all sweaty and reading to take a shower.  He had taken off his shirt and caught his reflection in the mirror and thought to himself that he was looking really good.   As he looked this way and that he was getting more and...