December 2017 Blog Posts

Winding up 2017

Good Morning! I have finally been getting the scale to move in the right direction and I'm determined to not regret any food descisions.  This evening will be Chicken Marsala and salad, tomorrow will be Stuffed Shells and salad.  There will be cakes, pies and wine....and I'm determined to remind myself of moderation.  I have no problem admitting I'm beat!  Gifts are all tucked under the tree, most of the cooking is done.  I have one pie that needs defrosting and one that I'll pop in the oven tomorrow morning.  I'm especially looking forward to this Christmas because we have a...

Give Yourself Permission

Hello Buddies! I'd like for you to take a few minutes to finish this statement.  I'm giving myself permission to...... take a break. - yes, take 5.  heck, take 10.  Make that cup of coffee....stop to eat a piece of fruit.  Do what you need to do and then get back to it. be realistic. - are you expectations of yourself realistic?  Does this holiday have to be exactly like past holidays?  You may have new family members to consider or family members who are no longer here. reach out. - ask for help.  Are you feeling stressed?  Are you juggling too many responsibilities? ...

It's December

The year flew by.  So many exciting things happened in 2017 for me but one of them was not great weight loss.  I will focus on the good, let go of the negative (or at least I'll try :)) and move on.  There is still a month left to 2017 and then a brand new year with brand new goals and aspirations.  A major passion for me this year was aromatherapy.  It's been great and I plan on continuing to learn more about it and seeing how it plays into weight loss.  I've also come to the realization that it...