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This is a zero pressure group that is here to allow the masses to collaborate and share ideas, concerns and straight up complaining about or daily lives as we deal with weight loss. We do so with enthusiasm, humor and compassion.

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Status:  Public

Started:   Sep 05, 2011

No. Of Members:  1313

No. of Pounds Lost : 3536

Team goal:   Our goal is to lose weight regardless of the amount and do so with enthusiasm, humor and compassion.

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Captain's Message :
If you have a good sense of humor and want to join a group where you can say anything and not be judged or talked down to, this is the place. Share your ideas, concerns and complaints and we will hear them and respond. This is for active participants only. If you only plan to contribute once every few weeks, this is not for you.

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mariebonenfant 11/22/2018 10:47:21 PM

Hi! I'm a full time college student and find the workload/lifestyle to present difficulties as far as my diet goes. I've definitely let myself go because of convenience. I've been having trouble especially with sweets and all-you-can-eat in the dining hall, and now I find myself losing control when I do eat and eating way too much, even when I am not hungry! Looking for buddies to hold me accountable to getting back on track!

Danii9612/17/2018 6:57:12 PM

i would love to share a helping hand!

tealady11/29/2018 9:03:34 AM

Have you found any buddies to connect with?

Butterfly13 11/16/2018 11:57:08 AM

Hello! I'm new here. I work 2 jobs, coach a high school sport, and am getting my masters. I'm a wife and mom of 3 teens and I'm just lost. Trying again and looking for positive support. :)

tealady11/17/2018 8:19:56 PM

Hi! welcome to the team. :)

tealady 11/14/2018 6:41:02 AM

Welcome to all our new members....

Nidah 11/13/2018 1:49:19 PM

Hello everybody.....I'm new too.....I feel that I need some support....actually I need someone to understand my struggle....I get hopeless really easily....for once, I want to be able to make a plan and go through with it....I am in dental school actually....and I stay in a hostel.....having healthy meals and being devoted to exercising regularly is really gets monotonous really easily and very fast.....

tealady11/14/2018 6:40:18 AM

What do you think is one thing that you can do?

Jkbs92 11/12/2018 10:56:42 AM

Hi everyone. I'm new here. I decided to join because I had not realized how out of control I let myself get. I tried my dresses yesterday, trying to find one for a Christmas party. I was not pleased with what I looked like. None of my dresses fit! They fit just 8 months ago and now they don't. I went shopping for a new dress. I tried on dresses in my usual size and they didn't fit! I was so disappointed and discouraged. I try eating well and exercising but then I get demotivated and stop. I know I can fit into my dresses in one month if I have a buddy to help me keep myself on track. That's why I'm here!! I look forward to working with you all! Thank you!

tealady11/14/2018 6:39:18 AM

Hi...arghhh that's not a good feeling. I think I've gotten down in the dumps in more than one dressing room along the way.'s ok. You know you can do this and what's best is that you didn't get too far off track before you noticed.

Nebulosity 11/5/2018 2:13:20 PM

Hi! I just joined today, I live alone, work sedentary job and never was the one for sports (most managed 3 months when adult... sports stops my weight loss). Have around 100-100+ lbs to lose (I am tall, so usually people do not believe), and mostly need accountability and/or someone I could chat when I get cravings. My biggest issue - food tastes good, and I can eat a lot of that even if I am not hungry. As I am 35+, my weight is not falling so fast, but I believe I can reach 240 till the end of the year. Anyone wants to be a buddy?

tealady11/5/2018 9:25:55 PM

Hi does taste good....portion control is tough.
There is a challenge on the message board you might like to participate in.

tealady 11/4/2018 9:03:16 AM

Hi...Let me tell you a little bit about our team. It was started in 2011 and the concept was that there was no pressure or judgement. Great idea! This team was really active and a bit hit. Unfortunately, the leader ended up leaving and there was a pretty good sized group here that was keeping the team active. I decided to become co leader so I could keep the team going. You'll notice that the number of team members will be declining as my intent is to stop by from time to time and delete members that are no longer active on the site. Of course, anyone deleted can rejoin but guys....we have over 1,400 members and hardly anyone is posting anymore. I like the concept and will be happy in doing my part in keeping the team going but if no one is going to post...then maybe it's just time to let it go... I'll be around and doing this for awhile...:)

Angifer 10/24/2018 9:34:10 AM

Hi everyone. Just joined today and I have been struggling with my weight loss journey for a while now and keep searching for new options or ways that could possibly help.I live in the Phoenix area with my husband and 2 kids. I am currently trying the low carb thing. Seems ok so far. Not sure its a good long term solution. I have quite a bit to loose. Im 42 and about 70lbs overweight. I have pretty significant back pain and I know i need to add some exercises but its very painful. Any diet or exercise suggestions would be greatly appreciated as im feeling very overwhelmed. Thanks

tealady11/4/2018 9:04:47 AM

removing 70lbs is life altering. I'm sure you will feel so much better and have so much more energy...take it in small increments and you'll succeed!

ChristianPianist00 9/17/2018 12:25:55 PM

Hello my name is Dana. I am from Northern Kentucky near Cincinnati. I am 33 and live with my husband and puppy. I have been doing Weight Watchers for two weeks and have lost ten pounds. I personally feel this program works great for me. Looking for an accountability partner. Let me know if you need one also!

Oppaloopa11/6/2018 9:35:04 AM

I am on WW also. Yes I could use a buddy too.

DustyLady110/18/2018 7:09:48 AM

Well done!!

tealady9/17/2018 2:49:28 PM

wow! 10 lbs is fantastic....congratulations. :)

Newinspiration 9/7/2018 7:57:08 PM

Has anyone here tried intermittent fasting? what has been your experience and would you recommend it?

DustyLady110/18/2018 7:12:48 AM

I've recently started it. I have tried the 5:2 and also the 16/8 and am deciding which is best. 5:2 is great as I fast for religious reasons anyway but sticking to 500-600 calories can be tricky. Eating for 8 hours and fasting 16 is OK also except for that piece of fruit or something else outside the 8 hours that just foils the plan. I seem to forget that the kitchen is shut and just have some tea or water. I'll get there :-). Definitely recommend

mikeAff9/13/2018 4:16:07 AM

yes i follow The 5:2 diet: With this methods, you consume only 500–600 calories on two non-consecutive days of the week, but i eat eat normally the other 5 days

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