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Sharing support and finding balance through yoga practice while working towards our weight loss goals.

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Started:   Jul 21, 2015

No. Of Members:  52

No. of Pounds Lost : 76

Team goal:   Reaching a healthy weight while practicing yoga

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Regardless of your weight you can begin a practice and find that mind body connection that will help you reach your happy weight.

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tealady 9/17/2017 10:02:05 PM

Title : How to Use Sandbags in Your Restorative Yoga Practice
Link :
Description : As a teacher specializing in restorative yoga, and a student of Judith Hanson Lasater’s, I adore sandbags. Just set me up with my legs up the wall, put sandbags on my feet and head, and I’m as content as a kid in a blanket fort.

tealady 9/17/2017 9:44:49 PM

When I tend to be on the heavier side I have difficulty with my wrists when doing downward dog.... as well as a few other poses. I found these and thought you may find them helpful also.

tealady 9/17/2017 9:43:38 PM

Title : Yoga for Wrist Pain - Simple Stretches for Wrists, Fingers & Forearms
Link :
Description : This is a shorter video, only about 6 mins but I thought she addressed things nicely.

tealady 9/17/2017 9:41:46 PM

Title : Yoga For Wrist Pain
Link :
Description : Yoga For Wrist Pain. Adriene guides us through a yoga lesson for the wrists so that you can avoid pain as well as prepare for deepening your practice. From the foundation we explore alignment and action -then actually apply to poses in your practice. Tend to it, stay curious! Take a little time to workshop what is going on in the wrists, to find support, ease and what feels good!

tealady 9/4/2017 12:50:15 AM

Title : Tennis Ball Techniques for Tight Muscles
Link :
Description : Imagine you have a friend small enough to fit in your purse or briefcase who will give you nightly massages, easing stress, fatigue, and muscle tension all for a onetime cost of about $3. Think yellow. Think tennis balls. The procedure is simple: place a tennis ball on a part of the body that is sore or tight and rest your weight on it. The pressure softens tight muscles and increases circulation. Dancers have long used tennis ball self-massage to work out their kinked-up muscles, and body workers frequently prescribe the practice for clients healing from chronic injuries. Asana practitioners searching for ways to increase flexibility and comfort in their bodies are beginning to get on the ball, too.

CherylKay9/8/2017 3:08:44 PM

I actually do this and it really helps. I also developed planter fasciitis and it has really helped with y feet. I often carry a ball in my purse.

tealady 8/16/2017 12:00:03 PM

Today was good....I realized while doing my proud warrior that instead of pushing out negativity I should be reaching for is sort of focusing on the negative and the other reaching for the positive. sounds like a small difference but it seemed to matter.

tealady 8/10/2017 10:49:49 PM

Oh my goodness...we have all these people who wanted to belong to a yoga team and no one is posting? Did you practice today? What did you do? Do you have a favorite pose?

tealady 7/26/2017 12:01:52 PM

Sometimes I feel like a good yoga session makes me feel creates space with in...I'm not sure if I'm making more room or getting rid of some junk. Anyone else have the same experience?

lavenderblue 7/22/2017 10:20:31 AM

I went to my 1st yoga class at the local library. It was called Golden Yoga for the old folks, mostly women showed up around 20 or so. We formed a circle & did most of the exercises on the chair but then got up & did more strenuous ones, like the warrior pose where u have to balance yourself on one leg. It's no wonder I didn't keil over on the woman next to me. I'll tell u I really worked up a sweat even with the ac on. Don't know if it was fun more like a workout. The next one is in Sept so I'll probably sign up for it again. Liked the instructor as she was very pleasant & demonstrated the moves so they could be easily applied. She was also a Reiki practitioner & went around to each person touching certain areas. I couldn't believe how hot her hands were. She said it was the energy in her. When I got outta there I was quite hot also from all those moves. Kathy

tealady7/23/2017 9:55:33 PM

Sounds like it was a great experience. :)

tealady 7/18/2017 7:57:24 AM

The other day I had the most wonderful practice...I found a track on you tube of this perfect background music. Dimmed the lights, got on the mat and didn't pay attention to time .. I just let the music and my body tell me what to do. It was great. Have a great day.... Namaste

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