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A Yoga Journey
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Sharing support and finding balance through yoga practice while working towards our weight loss goals.

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Status:  Public

Started:   Jul 21, 2015

No. Of Members:  30

No. of Pounds Lost : 17

Team goal:   Reaching a healthy weight while practicing yoga

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Regardless of your weight you can begin a practice and find that mind body connection that will help you reach your happy weight.

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tealady 5/11/2018 7:58:02 PM

If you tend to eat when stressed, yoga helps you have better control over yourself and will allow you to make better decisions. :)

tealady 4/30/2018 8:22:33 AM

Why yoga? What made you choose yoga?

tealady 4/29/2018 8:29:22 PM

If any one here has practiced yoga regularly for awhile I'm sure you can relate to that openness that you can feel within. My plan is to restart my practice tomorrow morning. The hardest part....getting on the mat. :) I can use accountability. Wish me luck!

tealady 4/25/2018 12:50:35 PM

How many of you meditate or even take out a little time for deep breathing?

tealady 3/20/2018 6:28:48 PM

How about sick yoga??? Anyone try a short routine when you're sick?

tealady 2/19/2018 5:47:37 PM

Title : 10 Seated Yoga Poses For Your Next Road Trip
Link :
Description : Do you enjoy exploring the world by car? Me too. I recently took a six-hour road trip from Los Angeles to California’s central coast. The drive was breathtaking, but about three hours in I started to become fidgety and uncomfortable. As a yoga instructor, that’s particularly unsettling, as I’m used to feeling comfortable with my body. But I also know how to quickly get comfortable again and I’m sharing that knowledge with you! If you’re going a little stir crazy in the car or just starting to feel stiff on your road trip, pull over and do these 10 yoga poses. In 10 minutes or less, these yoga poses can give your muscles, tendons, ligaments, and joints the attention they need to help you feel less stiff. And that makes life behind the wheel a whole lot more pleasant.

tealady 2/9/2018 10:44:14 AM

The other day I was a little sore from some exercise so I rolled out my mat, did a few twists and a nice long visit with child pose and boy...that just felt so good.

tealady 1/10/2018 8:53:55 PM

Title : Yoga for lazy people: seven moves to make you happy
Link :
Description : Lots of people tell me that while they want to practise yoga, they just can’t get off the sofa. Well, no worries. Yoga can be done by the laziest of the laziest. Just stay where you are and do this routine; I guarantee that you will be abuzz with positive energy afterwards.

tealady 1/4/2018 8:38:57 PM

Title : Clip from Rachel Ray
Link :
Description : A young girl loses 80 lbs and gets to meet the Yoga Instructor who helped her lose that was Yoga with Adriene :)

Michi 12/3/2017 2:06:46 PM

Did an hour long yoga class this morning with a guest instructor. Its amazing how different each individual teaches.

tealady12/6/2017 6:44:33 PM

I haven't taken a yoga class in quite awhile...I agree they are all different :)

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