Spinach Tomato Bake
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Description : Easy to make and bake

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<p>I found a recipe recently and kind of improvised it a little bit but it is so easy and fast to make here's the ingredients:</p> <p>2 medium tomatoes</p> <p>1 can diced tomatoes</p> <p>Fresh spinach - couple hands full</p> <p>2 tbls minced garlic</p> <p>1 tsp italian seasoning</p> <p>1/2 tsp salt</p> <p>1/2 tsp fresh cracked pepper</p> <p>2 cups uncooked pasta (I've used several but I&nbsp;think spring is the best)</p> <p>1 cup water.</p> <p>1/4 cup olive oil</p> <p>Instructions: slice the tomatoes and layer the bottom of a 2.5 qt dish, next layer a hand full of fresh spinach of tomatoes, next layer the 2 cups of uncooked pasta on top of spinach, sprinkel salt, pepper, minced garlic and cracked pepper on pasta, next layer place 1 can (15oz) diced tomatoes, next another layer of fresh spinach, spinkle the italian seasoning on top and drizzle with the olive oil, cover with a lid and bake about 45 min at 350.&nbsp; If you like you can add mozzarella cheese or parmasan cheese on top layer about 5 min before taking it out of oven but thats added calories!</p>

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