Find a Buddy Search: Search our database of users to find a Buddy to encourage & support you on your weight loss journey
Find a Buddy Search: Search our entire database of over 150,000 users to find the perfect Buddy to encourage & support you on your weight loss journey
Familiar Social Media Profile Wall: Customize your profile page, photo, privacy settings and email notifications. Invite your buddy(s) to join you, encourage you, and follow your progress
Easy Team formation & Challenges: Public/Private Teams, Up to 1000 members, Team events, Captains, Co-Captains
Interactive Community motivation tools: Robust message boards, #Ask our 125 Experts, #Podcasts, #Recipe Swap, #Stress Busters
“Keep a buddy in Your Pocket" phone app iPone, Android, iPad: Gives you instant help whenever, and where ever you need 24/7/365
The Weight Loss Buddy Method: Here’s the Method that’s helping thousands to lose weight. Created to “remake” yourself and your relationship to food. Guaranteed to help you lose weight and keep it off using any diet.
Books: Weight Loss Buddy: 50 Tips & Tricks, The Weight Loss Buddy Method .
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