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What inspired WeightLossBuddy.com?

It all started several years ago. Night after night, my wife Nancy, who, for as long as I can remember has been trying to lose 10 pounds, complained that she could not stop herself from eating sweets late at night, after the children were in bed.

I, as a dutiful and understanding(?) husband, patiently listened to her complaints and gave suggestions, doing what husbands do, namely, try to fix things.  Nothing I could say, or do, seemed to work.  Then, after countless attempts at helping, a light went off in my head.   Maybe I’m part of the problem?  Maybe Nancy needs a “buddy” someone outside her immediate environment, who is not, as I am part of the picture”.

Then I began to think about all those  people trying unsuccessfully, to lose weight permanently.  Don’t they have loving families and supporting friends? Why are they caught in an emotional eating trap?   And then the answer dawned on me.
The people involved in the lives of those who are trying to lose weight, are themselves emotionally invested and may have a stake in keeping their loved one overweight.


So the answer lies in getting a” Weight Loss Buddy” someone outside your immediate setting, someone who doesn’t already know you, and on whom you have already worked your charm. Or at the very least converting someone in your current life circumstances into a “Weight Loss Buddy”. This can only be done by breaking the neurotic circumstance you’re in and telling them how to help you to help yourself.
Nancy eventually found a “buddy” on a recipe site to chat to, so instead of eating late at night she chats about food with her “buddy”.  And, by the way, she has lost the weight and kept it off.
Your good Buddy