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We often notice that when children grow up and start leading their individual lifestyle they often ignore what their parents say or do!

5 Interesting Workouts To Do With An Exercise Band

Getting up from your bed and participate in daily physical activities is one of the most important things to ensure your body remains fit and healthy. This summer enjoy your daily workouts with a exercise band. These bands are the great way to strengthen your lower body, proven to increase the stability while burning extra fats from your body. 

Do you want to strengthen your booty muscles? The best Booty Bands will help strengthen your booty muscles with perfectly uplifted booty.

A exercise band is a great way for you to workout anywhere - anytime. So now you will have no more excuses to delaying working on your body today.

Ladies, are you ready!

All you need is a exercise band, a mat to lay yourself down on and a water bottle to keep yourself hydrated.

Lets get started.


#1 Bridge Pulsing

Bridge pulsing targets the glutes as- strong and active glutes not only look great but also help prevent pain and injury. Not to worry while lifting more or running fast.

Lie down on your exercise mat and place your exercise band over your knees, make sure your knees are bent and are at a hip distance apart and the soles of your feet planted firmly on the mat.

Turn your elbows inward with your palms up, just a few inches away from your hips, this will keep your core stable. Now, press your heels and lift your booty off the mat (just a few inches) Contract your hamstring and squeeze your buttocks together. Pause at the top of the bridge position for 25-35 seconds, then release your booty back on the mat- repeat this for at least 30 times.

This exercise gives you better tone and firm booty, this is not it bridge pulsing with exercise band builds strength in your glutes and spinal, this will help you maintain your posture for long go.


#2 Hip Bridges

This exercise isolates the muscles of the supporting leg and produces a more intense workout.

Lie flat on your back with knees bent hip width and hands by your sides. Keep your foot on the floor and bent your knees, engage glutes and lift your booty up as high as possible. Make sure the lift is coming from your glutes, not from your lower back.

Keep your back straight and engage your core. Make sure it will form a straight line from head to knees when you lift. Pause at the highest point for 3-4 seconds and lower your back down on the mat. Perform 20 reps on each side. 

Ladies, Are you with me!


#3 Scorpion Pumps

This exercise is a reverse version of hyperextension, a well-known exercise to train your lower back, hamstrings, and glutes.

This is one of hot favorite workout with best booty bands around my legs. For this workout, you need a padded bench or something similar to that where you can lay down easily.

Lie down on a bench with booty band just above your knees, lie in a position with your hips right on the edge so that your legs can comfortable hang down vertically.  Keep your spine in a neutral position for this just tighten your core muscles. Bent your knees at 90 degrees with both the heels together. Now press your knees outwards against the booty band to help activate your glutes, now it's time to lift your feet up towards the sky your tights just parallel to the floor. Just squeeze your glutes tightly at the top with a small pause for 2-3 seconds before lowering your legs back down slowly.

Perform 10 reps, each rep in a slow and controlled version.

This will make you feel light!


#4 Step Up

This exercise hit all the major muscles groups in your lower body.

For this exercise you will need a sturdy chair or a bench, that will not move around as you stand on it. When you stand it should make a 90-degree angle.

Let’s start up!

Place your booty bands just above your knees.

Place your entire right foot onto that bench or chair. Place your right foot down on the chair. Aim to do this whilst keeping your hips level and your spine upright. Use your hands for balance.

Then engage your right glutes and quads and push down into your right heel to stand up and bring your left foot onto the chair next to you.

At the top stand as tall as you can so that you extend your hips. Once at the top position, step slowly back down with your left foot onto the floor, keeping hips level and spine upright. Then step down with your right foot so that you return to the start position with both feet flat on the floor. Same goes for the left foot.

 Repeat 20 reps for each side


#5 Hydrants

Fire hydrants with booty bands is a great exercise which engages the external parts of the buttocks and thighs.  Fire hydrant exercise strengthens the lower body, improves balance, increases the mobility of the Booty and knee joints.

Before we start, Get your exercise band and wear it just above your knees then stand on all fours (arms and legs), straighten your arms, and tighten your abdominal muscles toward the spine. Keep your booty straight and in one position. Do not let your thighs move together with your legs. Both legs are bent at an angle of 90 degrees. Raise your right leg slowly to the side. Lift it up until you feel that your thigh is raised to the limit. Hold this position for a second. Slowly return the right leg to the initial position

 Repeat it 10 times for the left leg.



 These simple workouts with best booty bands will help you shape your booty and increase the mobility of your lower body muscles. Doing these band exercises on daily bases is an amazing routine for the glutes and things, you will without a doubt see a difference in your booty in as little as 3 weeks.

How Carb Cycling Is Linked to Weight Loss


There is no person alive on earth who does not like to stay fitter and look slimmer. We all want to be in ‘perfect shape’ throughout our lifetime and thus we tend to invest our time and money on gymming and dieting, to maintain a fitter body. Some people are blessed with a perfect body shape and some are cursed in a way that even if they intake smaller amounts of food that contains cholesterol, their body starts pumping up, leading to a pot belly or weight gain. When we want to lose weight we must focus on the Great Healthy Habits that can help us to gain a lean figure; the practice of carb cycling is one of them.

To know the link between carb cycling and weight loss, we must first understand what actually carb cycling is:

The carb cycling is referred to as a diet which is practised in a way that the intake of carbohydrate is increased and decreased in our body in a planned way. Also, it adjusts the intake of calories in our body in a calculated manner. When a person follows carb cycling process in his or her diet plan, then the body agrees to pay heed to this process and thereby helps the person in adhering to weight loss. It is not mandatory to follow this routine daily; one can do it weekly or monthly also.

How is carb cycling beneficial in losing weight?

Well, studies suggest that the routine carbohydrate intake on our body results in the increase of the mass of our muscle and helps in decreasing the body fat. it also improves the fitness performance of an individual. Unlike other diet plans, you don’t have to cut down on every food item that you love to eat; you just need to balance the carbohydrate intake and that’s all. When you practice carb cycling, you not only lose the extra fat in your body but also shed those extra kilos. But it is necessary to understand that depriving your body of carbs for a longer period of time can slow down your metabolism to some extent. So it is advised to keep regulating the intake of carbohydrates consistently to look slimmer and be leaner in the long run.


It’s never an easy task to lose weight, more so when you are over-weight and also a big foodie at the same time. It is not only that eating a lot or hitting the gym regularly can help you maintain a slimmer body; the whole lifestyle affects your body in doing so. If you follow the Great Healthy Habits to remain fit then it can surely help you deal with your weight issues. And healthy habits include sleeping and eating on time, preventing binge eating, have an adequate amount of sleep, etc. hence, depending upon carb cycling only is not a good idea to lose your weight; practising an all-over healthy life is.

Top 5 Signs That You Are Trapped In an Unhealthy Lifestyle

When people suffer from any sickness, only then do they think that it is the result of their action that has caused them the agony. Moreover, they tend to think that the illness is caused due to some acute change of events on their lifestyle, while it stands true for some cases, most of the times an illness is caused due to chronic exposure to an unhealthy lifestyle. Every people must maintain the habits of healthy living in order to survive better in the long run as explained by Darwin- “surviv

Safety Measures For Preventing A DUI During The Holiday Season

We all have seen incidents where people lose their lives due to sheer negligence in case of road accidents. Some genuinely face accidental conditions due to improper circumstances while some faces it due to lack of safety measures. Often people fail to follow the safety guidelines provided to them while self driving vehicles; such as wearing a helmet is a must in case of a two wheeler whereas air-bags and proper concentration is needed for driving a car. Above all, the learning experience and proficiency is the most basic need in preventing DUI holiday season for the betterment of our lives.

Major possibilities of suffering accidents are during festivals:

Any types of celebration nowadays are incomplete without the consumption of alcoholic beverage. Be it the consumption of liquor in smaller amount or in higher magnitude, the effect it put up on different individuals are bound to be harmful at the end. May be sometime the signs of inconvenience does not show up sooner, which is the primary reason why people tend to assume that they are not under the influence of alcohol. But it shows it’s effect sooner or later in other typical ways. The peak season of festivities attract majority of the youngsters to indulge into such actions and they tend to drive under influence (DUI). This causes several accidents that even lead to life risking of the individuals.

How to prevent such incidents to take place repetitively?

While holidaying or partying, every responsible citizen must oblige to the rules and regulations assigned by the government to be safer in and around every place. Before driving any vehicle, the driver must take care of certain things that will help them avoid accidents caused due to negligence. This adds up in the list of precautions in preventing DUI holiday season for the safety of people. It is always better to be cautious enough to avoid any such disaster that can be prevented from taking place. It is in our hands to chose what we want for ourselves- a safety check or an accident due to negligence.

Nobody likes to get hurt themselves or want to see their loved ones to suffer accidents. That is why so many governmental steps are taken to increase awareness among the citizens to avoid accidents as much as possible. Though it has benefited us to some extent still there are miles to go in overcoming this issue. The major reason behind road accidents these days are of course drinking and driving situations. The easy availability of liquor to people of all age groups (even to children who did not attend an official age to consume it) has made it more vulnerable towards drinking habits. Youngsters do not think much before taking any step which lead to breaking of rules more often. Hence, strict measures must be taken in preventing DUI holiday season for the betterment of ourselves only.

Tips To Plan A Safe Beach Vacation

Accidents these days are a nuisance in almost every corner of the earth, be it mountains or a beach side. The frequent disturbing instances that happens consistently have become the talking point in major official dialogues. The government is trying hard to impose stricter rules to boycott certain things which lead to negligent accidents but it is proving to be a real difficult task to control the nuances of any major accident. One peculiar form of these type of accidents is the beach car accident that is escalating quite fast nowadays. In Florida, there is a beach where accidents take place in high numbers. Boynton Beach car accident lawyers are a rescue in such incidents.

How does incidents like these happen amidst all the safety measures?

There are several beaches across the globe where the permission of driving vehicles are granted to commoners. Though the chances of getting trapped in the sand or in the water are very low in the beach premises that grant permission for the same but still sometimes the circumstances becomes unavoidable by the tourists to tackle. It is always on their stride to make attempts to be safe on the beach keeping in mind on how risky it can be to drive there; the official body only takes care of granting the permission and checking the area for safety drives. Mainly this is the the outcome of sudden changes in the behavioral properties of the sea which confuses the rider and hence leads to accidents.

The beach accidents in palm beach county, Florida are considered to be one of the major hot-spots of accident prone zones:

In the Boynton Beach of west palm, Florida the types of accidents that take place are frequent and of different natures. Sometimes there are head on collisions while sometimes rollover accidents. The losses range from losing lives to damaged vehicles in majority. In case of the cars, the insurance policies are quite flexible in helping them mend the vehicle but it requires lot of sweating to get them done. One must always consult a Boynton Beach car accident lawyer before agreeing to the terms and conditions of the insurance companies. They posses the best knowledge in advising what to do after a person suffers a beach car accident. They have the expertise in handling all types of cases in these beach car accidents with hands-on experience about the same.

Though it is always blamed on fate whenever accidents takes place but sometimes it can be prevented also if proper guidelines are maintained. The beach car accidents not always end up taking a life but it surely does injure a person through minor scratches to broken limbs. Even though people come out without getting hurt in car accidents, there are chances of severe damages of the vehicle. The Boynton Beach car accident lawyer in case of accidents occurring on the premises of west palm beach, surely does help in providing the best assistance for such incidents.