Remember in the first post I said you had two pathways and explained about how long it takes for each to work?

"It takes 3 days to go from a normal fat storing state (INSULIN pathway) to a fat burning state."

"It takes about 1.5  hours to go from a fat burning state (GLUCAGON PATHWAY) back to a normal fat storing state.

The cheat is simple--once you are well and truly into Ketosis (fat burning) it will take about 1.5 hours for your body to return to a fat storing state--you do the cheat in the WINDOW of an hour--your body is still trying to turn stuff around in the next half hour--but since you STOP before the 1.5 hours is up--it "tends" to go back to what it has been doing instead of starting that other pathway up again.

TENDS--because the more you do this cheat, the smarter your body gets.  After the mini binge, your body is on alert for that next half hour ready to pull the trigger and wake up the Master Hormone (Insulin)  But if you are good and do not cheat any longer than the hour--the signal your body needs does not come--instead you go back to your low carbing and the  body stays on alert--within 3 days you begin to go back to losing and for some people --it helps kick start another loss like you have when you first start  (a 4-5 lb in a week loss)

In fact, the mini binge or something similar can be used if you get on a plateau--the thing is everybody's body  is different but all of our bodies are still trying to store fat for the big starving period--when we diet--our body thinks we have hit a rough patch--it has no idea you would want to be smaller--why would you?

So it is constantly looking for ways to become more efficient--at storing fat.  It will try to make you tired (to use less energy) it will send crave signals to your brain--and over time, if your body is particularly savvy--it will figure out you are doing something with the pathway and will learn how to use any fats and sugars no matter how low to digest the protein you eat and not burn stored fat unless absolutely necessary.

When this happens, it is time to shake up  your diet. You can do that with a mini binge or going on a totally different type of diet for a few weeks.

In fact, when I did that National Health Body Challenge on line, I suggested that low calorie and Low fat people low carb to lose the last of their weight and I suggested low carb people, go to low calorie or low fat for a few to lose the last of their weight--WHY?  Because it is like muscle confusion, it throws the body off its game and off guard, you may be able to take a pound more or two off (the nearer you get to your target weight the more the body fights to keep its weight.

To our bodies, taking fat is like spending all the money in the bank--our bodies do not like it.

For metabolically resistant people who have to low carb AND calorie count--I suggest a calorie shifting diet like "fatloss4idiots" It makes no sense, but after one stint of being on Atkins for 4 weeks and only losing a pound and a half, I went on this diet for a month.   Within the first 2 weeks I had lost 11 lbs and before it was over, I dropped 32 pounds--but it was the weirdest diet I have ever been on and since I am a scientist, I hated the fact that I could not figure out just what was going on and why--but it work.

so you can mini binge to make your life easier OR mini binge to get off a plateau and your diet is not sacred--when it no longer works, you can try a different one for a few weeks just to keep your body from figuring out new ways to slow the fat loss down.

I have to go to bed now. Good night and everyone--good luck.

posted @ Wednesday, January 11, 2012 1:47 AM


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