The Lowest Calorie Fruits and Veggies

My last blog post had 87 viewers! I think that may be an all-time high for a post that was only up on the main page for two days! I guess a lot of you are interested in whether it is more important to burn fat first, build muscle first, or do both at the same time.

Well, this post is about dieting, which is about consuming less fat, which in turn leads to burning more fat. We know "an apple a day keeps the doctor away," and several of the popular diets many of us have tried, including Weight Watchers, gives fruits and veggies a small number of points in comparison with other foods. But what I'm sure many of you have pondered when you notice how many points your fruits and veggies have is why they have points at all.

What I mean is, we're always told to choose fruits and vegetables over candy and potato chips, so for some reason, many of us plant in our brains that fruits and veggies are zero calories, when this is not, in fact, true.

Some fruits can actually be high in sugar and therefore contain more calories than others. As a very basic, general rule of thumb, the smaller the fruit, the fewer the calories. For example, apricots. Apricots are pretty low in calories, and also have a lot of fiber. Two apricots can have up to 1.5 grams of fiber actually.

Blueberries, cherries, and cranberries are also some of the more healthy options with their high fiber and low calories.

As for veggies, arugula is one of the highest nutritionally valued vegetable. Also asparagus, peppers, and (weird to think of eating it) pumpkin. Pumpkins are actually high in beta-carotene (found in orange foods), which strengthens our sight among other things. Pumpkins are also very low in calories.

I could give you guys a link to some low-calorie produce, but in the spirit of the season, and since it's a little exotic, I thought that instead, I'd give you guys a link to a pumpkin recipe (below). Enjoy! And if anyone makes it, please let me know how it tastes!

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# re: The Lowest Calorie Fruits and Veggies

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# re: The Lowest Calorie Fruits and Veggies

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# re: The Lowest Calorie Fruits and Veggies

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